Monday, April 07, 2014

Dinner with Media Friends

The once a year affair saw us gathered together in a tiny lil city called Basel. Home of Roger Federer and nope we were not there for any tournaments but for the world's largest watch and jewelry fair.

Basel is notable for its art museums and theaters *which I never seem to find time to visit*
Switzerland's oldest univeristy is oso situated here. Not to mention all the big pharmaceutical companies are based here in Basel such as Roche

Monkey usually take time off to take dearie media friends out for dinner and drinks. It's alwiz comforting to be with someone that you know at a foreign place.

Because it ain't a holiday, there wasn't any SLR to snap any nice pics...all were compiled from various models of mobile phones from various people.

I was so eppy that all of them made it for the dinner and still managed to smile jovially. But most of all everyone had a lot a lot of fun

despite having jet lag....hahahaha poor Kenneth. Browsing through the pics, there was a missing someone...Princess Sophea.....

Group shot and we were still looking pretty sober with a mural of a man peek-a-boo-ing at the back. Princess Sophea was so tired here, he almost slept on the table.

All of us took the ever reliable convenient and fast tram to the restaurant and Rubin gave me a horror look
Rubin: "U should have prepared a limo for Princess Sophea. She ain't gonna take the tram."
Monkey -_-"
yeah my year I'll prepare a limo just for Princess Sophea kay?

guess we were the loudest table in that restaurant. Food was really good too :)
Princess Sophea: "My dear Rakyats!!! thank you so much for a wonderful nite...Beta is very happy tonite."
-_- yeah I had the loudest and funniest and most FUN ppl in my life ever. I am sure other markets were so envious of me. Kekekekeke.

Anyway it's really good to be back to Malaysia :))))

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