Monday, April 14, 2014

Breakfast at Garden Terrace Resort, Nagasaki

*pic stolen from the web*

We luckily stumbled upon this resort while browsing online for accommodation in Nagasaki. Anyhow there weren't many pictures on its website and description of the properties and hotels were at its minimal. Maybe it's the theme of this resort? Minimalist till there's not many words/information.

Bcoz there's not many other nice place to stay at Nagasaki, we took the risk and booked this property. The location isn't that centralised, located on the other side of the bay. Meaning everytime u needed to do sight-seeing, u have to cross the bay over to the city of Nagasaki. Soon we found this is like only 8 minutes car ride away and Garden Terrance Resort provides free shuttle service. :))) very very convenient.

When our driver pulled over to the high security property with checks and so many checks including names and reservation details....we were already so impressed. Plus we have yet to see the main building!!!! and when we finally did, JS asked me how the hell I got this resort. :P

designed by the famed architect Kengo Kuma, who also designed Suntory's headquarters building and LVMH group HQ in Osaka, we were so intrigued by this name. Soon we were bz googling about Kuma-San.

*again, pic stolen from the web*

this was the main reception building with restaurants, checking-in facilities, and the infinity pool which overlooks the bay of Nagasaki. The Million Dollar view...according to the locals around here. Soon we found out many other established hotels and resorts have set up their properties on this side of the hilly area of Nagasaki.

I will blog about our suite once the pics are ready. OMG we are lagging so way way way behind on our travel postings. sigh!!!!!!
Good morning Mr. JS
pls wake up....u looked like u are still zzzzzZZZZzzzzink-ing away on ur bed...time to shove food down ur throat. Anyhow he has got no problem eating breakfast bcoz he enjoys breakfast so so so much...every single day. Even if it means only a slice of toast and a cuppa of espresso.
More like it's Monkey having problem shoving food down her throat early in the morning. I just noticed JS and I were in similar dress code. I can't remembered who copied whom but I like to think that he copied me. Bahahahahaha.

a typical Japanese breakfast is really humongous but when I enquired most of them said they don't eat like this everyday. Just coffee and toast. *macam JS saje...*
Let see wat we have here...there's grilled fish, loads of mentaiko which was so so so yummy, a speciality of Kyushu. Eggs, rice, some pickled vegetables, beef stews, silky soft fragrant toufu with good quality soy and spring onions, clam soup and fish sticks. Also nato which I don't really eat.

They were so so so delicious. and I was having problem consuming everything!!!!

Looks like I don't need lunch after this. Which was so true. Enuff to get us going and moving and walking around Nagasaki until dinner's time.

Our conversation revolved around this single stalk of vege with flowers. It looked edible something like Nanohana which is pretty yummy with light soy and bonito flakes on top.

From where we were, the camera could zoom down to the huge Mitsubishi Shipyard. Really a busy port.

From the main building, we just needed to walk down to these rows of Ocean Suites. There's only 6 rooms here at the Ocean Suite.

JS: "Why so clever and booked Ocean Suite?"
Monkey: "Coz the main building was fully booked."

Not bcoz I wanna rip his pocket. Bahahahaha. If I wanted to, I would have booked the Tower Suite. HAHAHAHAHA which we can even throw a party in the suite.

Do wait for more posting on this property which I'll highly recommend to any travellers who's visiting Nagasaki :))))

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