Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Intercontinental Hong Kong

I'm sure you have seen this pic already, from a blog posting that I did not too long ago. This was the exact view from our windows. Yep windows with the "S" coz when we opened the door of our room...both of us exclaimed:
"Where's the BED?????"

The room was just too huge for all of us, including the hobbits....but after a few days, no complains...space is such a luxury when it comes to Hong Kong.
Yaaay the exact same model of Nespresso machine as our home :D:D:D These days I can't remember which hotel doesn't have a Nespresso machine...oh maybe the Mandarin Orchard in Singapore....even Royal Plaza on Scotts have Nespresso machine.

We really love our Nespresso, it may not be the best coffee in the world but the convenience of getting up with its aroma every morning just makes life so much easier. Plus it's so easy to maintain, the one that we had at home is now 6 years old. With new models coming up every quarter in different attractive colors, I was contemplating of having one on my desk at work...just like Mr JS the Food Snob who has one on his desk.

The large living area, where I lurve to chill with my drinks and fruits platter...and some desserts which they served. Intercontinental Hong Kong isn't a new hotel, opened in 2001 as the Regent Hotel, we still love it for its impeccable service, amazing dining options, panoramic view of the harbour but most of all its locations. The other hotel that has all of these convenience would be Four Seasons at HK island. W Hotel is nice but doesn't count bcoz its location is pretty off.
Not only Monkey was enjoying the view, hobbits were sun-bathing there everyday till they were warm and hot and fluffy every evening when we put them to bed.

I forgot to snap pic of their turn-down service. Each hotel has their different ways to turn down my dearie hobbits. In fact we have enuff pics to do a compilations by hotel listing and locations around the world. Sometimes they even tucked my hobbits with quilt over them, or could be holding some silly flowers and chocolates, or just got turned down in a terrible way. It's the matter of giving hotel guests the extra miles and services by not only cleaning their room and attending to their needs, but that lil extra special personal touch that could make guests like me go "awwwwwww that's so sweet."

Forgive me, I have very simple mind. Simple things and personal touches like greeting me at the lobby by my name makes me extra happy *oh well afterall we were on a vacation* and of coz all these will retain ur customers/clients. Point to note.
And we found our bed in the next room....the orange Monster is 2D and he's JS personal favourites. He insisted that 2D must be brought along to Hong Kong even though to my disagreement coz he's 
bigger than the rest and do occupied some bit of space on our bags.
JS is a very efficient man. He quickly unpacked and got all his jackets and dress pants hung neatly at the walk in wardrobe. Oh well not all hotels that we stayed in have got butlers to do all these. Anyway I have yet to get used to having people touching my clothes - including my weekly maids. I still do personally clean, fold and iron all my clothes, including that of JS.
The bathroom is really spacious, with a huge mirror and stunning views too. The venetian blinds added touch to this rather tired looking bathroom. No, I'm not a fan of marbles in this color :(( and the laundry basket~~~ I was afraid that some snakes gonna crawl outta it.
Peek-a-boo~~~ what's on the outside.....there's a lot of energy outside, with tourists bz snapping pics of moving ships, boats and ferries. Early in the morning there's so many Hongkies having workouts and jogs along this strip called Avenue of Stars....then throughout the day there's more and more people, before finally they settled down and booked a good spot for the Laser Light called Symphony of Lights at 8pm every evening.

Really the bathroom is of quite a good size, with a separate lavatory. Just that we hardly spend time in the room. Most of our hours were spent outside the hotel, roaming the city that never sleeps....and bz eating :P

Such a beautiful pic taken by JS from the room.
Every morning, he will go for a morning walk at 6.30am with his camera, documenting the people of Hong Kong doing their morning tai-chi and exercise....and I usually woke up to hobbits all over me. *he tend to purposely tucked them around my neck, under my arms, on my stomach and wrapped me around like a pohpiah aka spring rolls before he headed out*

one of those morning, I woke up alone again and walked to the window....and among the throngs of ppl there, there's one human being of good height, walking ferociously among the aimless tourists waving excitedly at me. Oh my....what a mere coincidence to spot him among the hundreds of ppl down there...and of him walking past exactly at the time I was standing by the window for a mere 30 seconds just to see the Sun.

and on certain morning, Mr. JS woke me up with his own excitement...of passing cruise ships right in front of our windows. *yawnnnnn*

It's already Tuesday and time passed by too quickly, we are now planning for July and beyond. Gosh~~~~ but again life is good...we must always make it happen as our destiny is in our hands. Really, u make it happen so make your choices. As I've always preached, make changes or you will be changed. Always embrace changes. Enjoy!!!

Intercontinental Hong Kong
18 Salisbury Road,
Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2721 1211

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