Monday, May 11, 2015

Prince C's "24th" Birthday

The pleasure of celebrating 24th Birthday :)))) I can't really remember how I had mine, prollie coz it wasn't a memorable one :P so when the invitation for this birthday celebration was thrown at me, Monkey made time for it :)))
When I arrived, beautiful I-Ching was already waiting with that smirk in the face that says U are early :))) Hahahahaha Yea was lucky coz traffic was pretty smooth on that particular evening and I didn't even needed to use a de-tour road to get here.

Wines were already chilling and "Y" pronounced as ee-grek. That's how the letter Y is pronounced in French anyway....just like "K" is Kah and "E" is euh and "I" is ee....ahhhh dun ask me why. That's how I was being taught.

Y is a dry white wine by Chateau d'Yquem one of the golden crown jewel brand under the LVMH group bcoz it is the oldest brand in the entire portfolio....since 1593

However Malaysia doesn't sell Y but only the sweet noble rot sweet wines from Sauternes. So don't ask me how Mr. JS acquired his Y....he outbeat my company lar...Guess we are not doin a good job to cater to discerning clients like him -_-"
*susahnya nak cari makan~~~~*

Ogura amaebi tartare with oscietra caviar
Balance of sweetness and savoury from the sea, to start the dinner with :))

Spring is still we were served panache of spring shellfish. Creamie rich scallop paired with even creamier and richer sea urchin and the ocassional acid and crunch from the greens.

midi pyrenees white asparagus with petit pois
when we were in Hong Kong, the entire island was also celebrating a French month and selected Midi Pyrenees as their focus with exhibition of produce - cheese and wines, and lots of activities, but most of all.....all the french restaurants in Hong Kong participated by showcasing a special menu dedicated to produce from this region.

I didn't know wat to do with my hair coz it's messy so braid that is....When ur hair is long and u dun have time to maintain it, I guess the way to go is to chop it???

While the men were engrossed in their business empire talk the ladies were planning and scheming something else...hahahaha. Don't worry, nothing to do bout how to spend money, more like exchanging recipes :)))

u eppy??? u like??? if u like please place ur order to Mr. JS bahahahaha....

something new that we have never try before...fedelini with oyster sauce and thinly sliced Kobe beef on top. Wow i don't really know how Chef Takashi compiled his menu, we never ever have the same thing unless we requested for it....this was really awesome. The heat from the pasta just melt some of the fats from the beef.

Prince C whacked all the beef first before enjoying his pasta which was so coated with the pristine oyster sauce....yummmssss.

We have been drinking a lot of Vosne Romanee lately...:)))

Next on is Foie Gras consomme, this was really awesome, warm consomme almost like bovril...intense and concentrated, full flavour from foie gras with more served on the side on top of toasted bread. Comfort food esp on a rainy day.
Sawara with Poivre de Timut and Hotaruika
Sawara is something like Spanish Mackerel but the star of this dish were the lightly tempura firefly squid from Hotaru...they were fully loaded with nothing but eggs in their tiny body.
for our main, we had a roasted French lamb and jus...i suspected this one came from Midi Pyrenees as well?
and a bottle of aristocrat grand cru from the parcel next to's really a small parcel, owned by Comte Liger Belair...we had the honor to visit him a few years ago. Comte = Count

I Ching was really happy bcoz according to her, there's no such yummy french cuisine in Ipoh. likewise we couldn't find amazing cantonese food in KL either :)))

a plate of japanese rice
this one was a special just to fill our stomachs, in case we needed more carbs.  It started since last year with Chef Takashi's amazing curry rice and now every meal it has evolved to something new. I alwiz look forward to see what's being unveiled on that day.

That evening, it was Abalone Curry!!!!!!!
ABALONE~~~~ my favourite!!! is it even my birthday????

nom nom nom~~~~~~ japanese curry is different from our local curry. It has got more intensity and length but less heat. The abalone was so well prepared with the kind of bite we lurve :)))

anyway it's not my birthday, as long as the bday boy had such great time. :)))

yummy light and fluffy cake but they forgot the comma~~~
Prince C is my friend, I Ching's husband and JS's Brother.

Group picca for memories~~~~

and one final fish the Foret Noire and interpretation of Black Forest by Chef. It was amazing!!!! and so fine :))) delish~~~

must thank the man for all the amazing creation. Such a joy to dine at Cilantro for every meal is never the same :)))

Happy Birthday again Prince C and more makans to come hehehehe.


Unknown said...

Since you mentioned Midi Pyrenees,I thought of Tarn,the lovely town where they shot "a hundred foot journey". I plan to buy a rustic cottage there in the near future. Maybe you guys too should get a property in France since it's such a beautiful country:-)

CHER-RY said...

Hello Damian,

How are you? :))
I love that movie too!! can watch it over and over and over...hehehe. Let us know once you have acquired the cottage and I do agree with you, it's really a beautiful country.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Wow, these party photos are just amazing. Thanks for sharing! I have also been to this place once for an event and now I am thinking of booking such beautiful holiday party site for my brother's birthday party. He was in Italy and after three years we got chance to celebrate his birthday together.