Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mak's Noodle, Hong Kong

Our room has got such a stunning view :))) with Avenue of Stars just below our windows. Hobbits were perpetually hanging out by the window till they were errrrr...hot and fluffy warm when we got home everyday.

We took a short trip to Hong Kong to satisfy our cravings over the long weekend. Since it's a short trip, say 4 days, we gotta maximise most of our time. That's bcoz we believe, if we gonna put calories into our bodies *our temples* we better make sure it's worth it.
So once we have settled down and enjoyed the welcome facilities at the hotel, it's time to make sure our stomachs will enjoy themselves....so to the pier!!! This time we were practically staying by the pier. Such convenient :))

Monkey and her messy mane....thanks to the early summer wind. It's been cloudy and windy in Hong Kong. Thanks to the wind, else it will be warmer than Malaysia.

Yah I know, that face....deep in thought...I kinda forgotten what was running in my mind. Must be the mini won tons, egg tarts and egg toast that were in my thoughts. Hahahaha.

The original outlet of Mak's Noodle. Established since the 1960s, it's a well-known name but Hongkies refer them as Stingy Mak for the petite bowls of noodles. I guess there's reason why it's in that size :)))

You must alwiz alwis visit this main outlet bcoz we have tried their branches in Causeway Bay and somehow the flavours were lacking.

the famous Har Ji Meen, sprinkled with dried shrimp roes
extremely tasty with the umami-ness and springy noodles!!! if u like ur noodles crunchy this is the place!! Yes very small portion.

I still prefer my won ton noodles original and petite like this. Looked so simple and bland but trust me, it's power packed with flavours. But what caught my love was its extremely crunchy and springy noodles with that bite. Oh yummsss.

This was like angel hair...the broth was simple too but u could taste there's quite some ingredients in there. Tiny pieces of chinese leeks were seen floating in the bowl. The good side about the tiny size is, u can sample the other noodles like the famous beef tendon noodles and other varieties.

Most of our friends, preferred the other won ton noodle situated just directly opposite Mak's Noodle for its size, side dishes, all the other meat balls, paste stuffs thrown into the noodles and condiments. That if u like that kinda won ton mee. However if u prefer unadulterated simple but serious noodles, pls pay Mak's Noodle a visit.
We were lucky to be seated next to this guy.....his speed was so swift, the camera couldn't capture his hands movement. Indeed in Hong Kong, time is money and money is time.
Look at the huge won tons....and real chunks of shrimps!!! Wahhhhh. No wonder the wontons could bounce if it hits the table. Since it's so precious and expensive, u better not lose ur wontons and "carry" them with care by using ur chopsticks/spoons.

JS was whining he didn't have enuff to eat coz the noodles were too tasty....there's alwiz reason why this is the first stop...bcoz there will be other things to eat along the way nearby.

Monkey: "Follow me JS, we gonna have some small bites. I feel like having mini sliders pork belly burgers."

oh well this was a makan trip, and u agreed to it. So no complaints please!!!
Do u have a favourite won ton noodle shop in Hong Kong? Share with us :)))

*Read bout the other noodles shop opp Mak's*

Mak's Noodle
77 Wellington Street,
Central, Hong Kong.

Tel: +852 2854 3810
Opens daily: 11am to 9pm

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