Friday, January 02, 2015

Welcoming 2015

Dr. Epicurean, BB Ivy, Monkey and JS

We congregated at our favourite restaurant for a simple new year's eve dinner. But knowing Chef Takashi, every dish looked simple but it takes hell lot of efforts to prepare.

and had a 1962 Vouvray from the Loire valley. So delicious, my first bottle. :)) with its grippy fizzy bubblyness on the tongue and a balanced palate of acid and sweetness. I am discovering new things everyday. That is such a blessing. Thank you dear friend for sharing this bottle with us :)))
after dinner, we quickly dashed over to Dr. JS and Wenda's home to watch the fireworks. Apparently no fireworks will be display in KLCC to respect the plane crash victims and also the catastrophic great floods in Malaysia. Anyhow it doesn't matter, we just want to cross over to 2015 with close friends :))
Think JS was tipsy...he said this bronze sculpture looked like Monkey
works of an artist from China. I was busy viewing most of the art pieces here.

there's so many of it and I haven't really finish with each and every piece. By far my favourite piece was an intricate work done by a Korean artist hung outside Wenda's bedroom. The moment I saw it, I was like who's this?

Wenda gasped in surprised
"of all the pieces, u like this one??? It's mine!!!! one and only piece."
hahaha she was so happy :)))
when the clock strikes 12 midnite. all the guests headed to the viewing deck for the fireworks.
Monkey and hostess Wenda. Oh well this pic no fireworks at least we could see the twin towers. She has lost so much of weight, thanks to her braces.

"U lost 5kg bcoz of ur braces??"
Wenda nodded in dismay.
"Oh I wanna lose 5kg too."

Wenda: "But it's so painful and I couldn't eat anything~~~~"
hmmm don't think I can give up my food.

this pic was taken exactly a year ago on 31st Dec while we were at the V's residence for fireworks. See the difference, she really lost a lot of weight. While Yours Truly Miss Monkey definitely put on some weight and meat and fat here n there. Wakakakakakaka

Happy New Year my dear JS. U must have been so tipsy coz u never do selfie like this. He's wearing Freedom collection by Eric C

Monkey looked so tired here.....with Dr. JS...we were playing on the baby grand until it was 1.30am. Noise pollution...poor neighbours. Hehehehehe

and the next day....wuahahahahaha by special request. I wanted Banana Leaf Rice at the yummiest Acha Curry House and so we did.

So my dear readers, how did you celebrated your new year?
Happy New Year and toast to good health and happiness alwiz :)))

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