Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Christmas Dinner

The storm was on its way, the wind was strong but not ferocious enuff as compared to my hungry tummy. Why is it that whenever that it's cold, we get hungry sooner?

Far away there, u could see the 3 islands sitting leisurely. Actually it isn't that far away, just 5 mins boat ride. Monkey was at the Land Beneath the Wind for work and extended her work trip for another week to celebrate xmas with JS's family.

Not very often I get to sit idly and do nothing. There's not much of cooking to be done in this household since everyone seems to be cooking a storm including the 2 maids. Every.Single.Day.

The kitchen was cooking a storm.
While the men were playing a stormy golf. Hahahahaha

Monkey texted JS: "Where are u ppl? The storm is coming."
to which the reply was the below pic.

a selfie of Mr. JS and Bernard da Joker at Sutera Harbour Golf and Country Club.

Yes indeed the storm is coming~~~~~~they were almost finishing their game...anyhow they have to finish soon...bcoz Monkey sent another pic that made them quickly finished their golf game.

Hey look!!! what's crackling inside the oven.

Mr. JS: "OK coming home soon!!!"
so it's true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Sadly I can't cook hahaha but this was a very good incentive for them to be home soon. But hey it's Xmas eve, u guys better be home for dinner.

It's quite torturing to be at home, when the entire house was infused with all the beautiful aroma coming outta the kitchen. ARghhh arghhhh arghhh~~~~

then after all the beautiful symphony it played inside the oven - the crackles and the's time to be outta. ARghhhh I wanna sink my teeth into this slab of meat....

Monkey was so excited and gathered everyone....and did try to persuade everyone to wear RED. But I failed la...coz only 3 ppl did so including meself

Bernard da Joker all showered and cleaned. While everyone else was busy with some form of activities, I had to find one to do with my selfie stick bought by Cat, I took it for a tour around the house.

the boys were in their study room, hard at "work"
In a month's time, both will be re-exported outta the country for studies and the home is gonna be quiet again :((

The messy wet kitchen. JS shooooo-ed me out!!! No selfie stick!! too dangerous in the kitchen.

coz just too many "cooks" and "cooks wannabe". So I quickly dashed in, snap a few pics and dashed out before I create some form of hazards and risk being scolded. :P

Yeah ppl that don't cook should not even be inside the kitchen.

with all the shooo-ing away thingy, I still managed to get the 2 maids/cooks to snap a pic with me. Thanks to them, I got fed like a Maharaja everyday every hour on the dot. Blame them if I am chubby. :P hehehehehehe. Their cooking is superb!!!!

I'm so so so hungry!!! Can we eat yet???
hmmmm, almost there....missing a lot of things.....wat else? hmmm....
Oh yes some really wicked champagne :))))
yummmzzzzz so right for the roast porkie

the purple carrots tainted the orange ones...but it still looked good :)))

roasted potatoes with garlic and onions. Comfort food~~~~~
and there was a huge bowl of salad which I forgot to snap pic.

The family loves garlic, u can even see them in this pasta. Loads of it. JS cooked this prawn pasta with homemade prawn oil last minute.... by popular demand. 

Monkey was leaping up and down as Eveline was carving the roast pork.....oh yummssss. I want the edges!! I want the edges!!!

So melt in the mouth and crispy.

again....we had to wait!!!! Bernard da Joker got so serious and said we should all sing a xmas carol before we have our meal.

Markie: "Do we have to?"

u have no choice darling boy...we gotta sing to the roast chicken first b4 we chomp chomp nom nom.

these days, ppl dun read real books anymore....they read digital ones....:P
but we cheated...JS snapped a pic of Bernard da Joker's book with his iPad Air...and Monkey went and snap a pic of the iPad with her iPhone. Now...everyone has a copy of the musical notes and lyrics. Wooohoooo~~~~ hahahaha...

u lucky Roast Chicken!!! everyone was carolling to you!!!
thank goodness we all sang quite well and harmoniously, else the roast chicken may even walked off her plate. :P

we dun eat roast turkey anymore, nobody likes them in the household. We didn't wanna end up with different variations of turkey meat for the next one week from turkey sandwich to turkey porridge.

and finally all of us sat down, for a family picca.

JS put on this face, bcoz the smell of poultry was something he detest. While his face was all red from sun burn. Then we said our prayers and ZOOMMMM NOMMMM CHOMPPPPP YUMMZZZ

Happiness = Great food + beloved people + amazing drinks
Merry Christmas my dear hobbits *kiss kiss kiss one by one*

while we were bz feasting downstairs, the maids prepared my bed and the hobbits were arranged like this. And hello Nano Bear, he's with us at this trip bcoz Eveline gave us many years ago and so technically he's from Sabah. JS said the hobbits must alwiz return to their hometown aka kampung.

Guess those toys that were from USA and China gotta wait....even Sheep Sheep hasn't been to Germany yet. Oh well, one day one day....too many places to go and the world is really a big big place!!!
and after all the feating there's still food. In this household, u don't really get store-bought or commercially manufactured food *oh well maybe minus that bottle of Yamazaki Whisky*.

Everything is homemade here. :)))) with love of coz....and the Pecan Fruits Cake was sooo sooo sooooo amaaaaazzinggggg.

Merry Christmas HO Ho HO HO hic!!!!

tee hee hee :)))))))

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