Thursday, January 29, 2015

Away Notice - Ishikawa, Japan

a stunning pic taken by the International Garden Photographer of the year 2008 - Claire Takacs

So JS u need to practice to snap pix in the cold and snow. While Monkey needs to layer her body with fats to keep warm. Oh that's so easy to do :))) hehehehe. I just need to stuff things into/around my body. Food and HeatTech clothings.

It's snowing right now in Ishikawa and certain parts of Japan. That would be lovely, reminded me of our trip to Kyushu last year :))))

The famous Kenroku-en Garden at Kanazawa. I can't believe it we are goin all the way to the West Cost of Japan just for this!!!! One of the 3 great gardens of Japan. It's only during Winter there's Yukitsuri - long bamboo perched from below to support and protect the trees and shrubs from snow.

Snow are heavy yo!!! Yeah so those conical shaped bamboos tied with ropes are not permanent features, just during winter to protect all the beautiful pine trees. Gosh this pic cold.

 the famous Winter Illumination event at Shirakawago.

This destination was added much later on into our itinerary. Because there's only 7 days a year you could see this winter illumination, and since we are like errrr 2 hours away...why not? Declared a UNESCO heritage site in 1995, I guess it should be worth goin? After JS saw all these pics, he went to do some not-so-lil for clothes....but for more photography gadgets.

Now we have more gadgets and props to bring along vs winter clothing

and this exclude the lil drone-camera *the same one that was found, crashed on the ground of White House......yes Mr. Obama's white house*.

I can't imagine if we have to pack that 4 propeller drone camera onboard. IShhhhhhhhh. No doubt it's a fun toy and could fly up in the air to snap beautiful pics but it's really difficult to transport, oh well in my opinion coz JS said there's a special cabin size luggage bag just for this. I rather have a cabin size luggage bag space for my japanese snacks. See!! the different priorities in our lives :D

Winter also marks the season for this!!!
Ohhh yumms...I.AM.SO.GONNA.EAT.YOU!!!!

All the japanese snow crab are caught in the Sea of Japan. That's where we are heading. We are dead serious foodie. If u wanna enjoy something, just go to the source :))))

While Mr. JS doesn't believe in buying all these yummy food back *instead Monkey would be the one ta-pau-ing anything and everything home*, his philosophy would be, there's alwiz another time, and if u wanna eat it again....COME BACK!!! :))))

He said it so simply but hey there's so many other destination to go to, plus we are still slaves to our respective career so I don't think we could just catch a plane like boarding a bus and off we go!!!!

well....unless....unless both of us retire and roam the Earth together.
But this can't do for the moment. :)))) we have got more plans upcoming!!!!

 *pic taken from Beniya Mukayu, we will be staying at this ryokan*

oh look at those roe!!!! I am coming for u Snow Crab!!! U wait for me the mean time pls work hard and continue to produce more roe.....hihihihihi..... :))))

Both Mr. JS and Monkey are so looking forward to this short makan and sight-seeing trip. It would be for quite a while more before we can travel as much as we used to.

Well in life, there's alwiz opportunity cost. If u wanna roam the Earth everyday, u gotta let something go. So if u want that something so much, u gotta travel matter how much u enjoyed it :)))
PS: NO I am NOT pregnant!!!

Stay tune for more of our adventure in the Prefecture of Ishikawa. :))))))

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