Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Le Mole by Gerald Passedat, Marseille

We wanted to catch another sunset from our balcony before heading out for dinner, and so we did. Isn't it beautiful? The rocky islands, the criss-cross patterns on the sky created by the busy jetliners crossing the Mediterranean Sea. In Japan they called it wabi-sabi....beauty in imperfection and asymmetry.

Then we headed off in our pick-up limo to the restaurant, also helmed by the property owner Monsieur Passedat at another place in downtown Marseille.
WOW!!! MUCEM is a beautiful museum next to the Port. Le Mole restaurant is located on the top floor. We could already see it, brightly litted with an elevator dedicated just for the restaurant.
for security reason, we had to beep the intercom at the entrance of the neon light elevator before the glass doors were opened.
the concept here is minimalist, bare and futuristic too. The Artemide Mercury were decked around the ceiling of Le Mole. A few years ago, we almost bought this design but bcoz the concept of our home weren't similar, we changed to other designs from Artemide. But it's a really funky and clever design. Each set of Mercury has a "droplet" of bulb that shines back to the "Mercury" to reflect lights down. 

there's even a KiosQue selling simple and light food like sandwiches and salads. What a good idea for a picnic by the harbour. But Le KiosQue is only open during the day.

Couldn't resist all the bread here, crusty, with beautiful aroma fr the wheat. The only place that we can find such similar bread in KL is from DC Restaurant and Yeast. Oh ok, will try to blog bout these 2 places soon. I have many postings lining up behind. -_-

Appetizer of grilled sea prawns with confit of its oil, on top of root vegetables mash which was extremely velvety. It's so fine!!! and this place was supposed to be a casual dining restaurant. I could imagine it would be so beautiful dining here during the day, with the view of the sea, and occasional sunlights penetrated through this "Cube" of architecture designed by Rudy Ricciotti.

*pic taken from the web*
 The other facade MUCEM. Very intricate eh? The bridge links it to the old medieval fort.

it's really very organic and I lurve how the lights played shadows with this structure of fiber reinforced concrete.

Even at nite it's this stunning.
And we were dining inside this Avatar liked cube :)))))

We had a lovely flora white wines from Bandol, which is located between Marseille and Cassis. Though nearer to the Mediterranean, it is famously known as wine from Provence. But seriously, after our trip to this region of France, we enjoyed Provence wines more than we should...hahahaha yes it's so easy to drink, you could have it for breakfast/lunch/aperitif with your grill fish or sandwiches :)))) It's just so light and aromatics. 

and bcoz I mentioned salad...I gotta have a small portion to pair with my wine :)))) So u see it's all about the drinks...the food are accompaniment sometimes hehehehehe

JS had raw slices of fish with crunchy pickled greens. Simple and as usual, he's a calories counter.

Beautifully pan seared sea bass with seasonal mushrooms served with a very umami jus. Don't be deceived by the food here.....the taste was definitely not simple. Pretty complex for such a fatty fish. yummmness~~~~~

and I wanted Pork Roulette with even crispier skin :)))) Ahhh so simple and good portioning. There are certain evenings, when we can't eat that much. Age is catching up hahahahaha. I guess we are very picky with our food these days.

Wherever we go, there must be some certain portion of vege on request. This one came with the main course. Vegetables blanched in fish stock and mirepoix. Mirepoix is the flavour base in french cooking, consisted of mainly onions, celery and carrots. It's made into stocks for almost everything.

By the way there's a rooftop garden where Chef planted herbs and vegetables here in MUCEM.

Finally we shared a dessert

spot the resemblance? hehehehehe we then looked out the window and spotted the very same design. :))))

After our petit four JS was contemplating if we should walk home or not?
actually I don't really mind but bcoz the restaurant has got such good service, they've already prepared our transport for us to be chauffeured back to the villa, also own and run by the very same owner Monsieur Gerald Passedat. 

Marseille Cathedral was just outside, looking even more stunning at night :)))

I'm so glad we came here despite all the stories of Marseille not being safe. Frankly everywhere around the world, there's bound to be danger, including Switzerland. I have so many friends got pick-pocketed there. Not to mention Paris and London and Barcelona are dangerous too. So really, everywhere is dangerous, u just gotta watch out and take care of yourself, your belongings and stay alert at all time.

For more information on Le Mole:
Le Mole by Gerald Passedat
1, Esplanade,
MUCEM, Marseille,


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