Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dinner at J&J James

Flatmate Amy & errrr I can't remember if this is Pinot or Sangio
she named her "sons" after grapes -_-

it was J&J James birthday and we threw a dinner party at his home
and that was dinner number XIIXVIXIIIIVXII for Mr. James
well one whole more of celebration mar
Flatmate Amy & J&J's daughter Amanda
so can someone tell me which dog is Pinot and which one is Sangio
both oso jantan
someone brought roast duck!!!!! yipeeeeeee

and I made salad :P
that's like so easy throw everything in
Si Fu Lawrence bz cooking by the pool with his one n only one spectator
the other spectator was bz with the dog :P
1st dish was whipped by Mr. JS for the preggy Bagaholic
yes she needed food more than any of us
and that was a prawn oil cappellini with lotsa chilis
next was an awesome indian style dry prawn curry
it was super spicy
the famous cold cappellini with caviar
the preparation was very clinical
everything has to be cold like cold plate and utensils
then came the carb for those carb lovers
simple fried rice with ingredients rummaged fr the fridge
it was so good that JS had to do an encore to feed all the famished guests
*I didn't know this gang of makan ppl are all carb lovers*
then it was time to feed meat + eggs lover like Monkey
poor JS he was so busy cooking n feeding ppl he forgotten to eat
mix all the diff eggs together with finely chopped belly pork
JS said dun buy minced pork coz it's not healthy......u dunno wat's inside
so buy belly pork and chop em yourself
and ta-da steamed minced pork...such a simple dish and yet delicious
with the leftover of caviar Si Fu made a really simple scrambled eggs
just one small portion for everyone to fight
the scrambled eggs looked so yummy eh?
so in the fight for scrambled eggs with caviar the winner was GOE
I shall not name this but leave it to u folks to guess
it's crunchy and yummy and my top favourite condiments :P
and definitely very very unhealthy
we whacked this whole tupperware that nite and topped every single dish with this
J&J Jelina made par-boiled eggs
hey it ain't easy so we ate with respect!!!!
Si Fu Lawrence with Alcoholic Anonymous
coz he wants to remain Anon in my blog
that nite the outdoor wok worked non stop
with the fuming sound and its breathe of fire kept on churning more yummy food
hey I oso worked very hard ok...
like I need to exercise my jaw to munch the food and my stomach worked double hard
to digest all the yummy goodies
mee suah fr this famous place in Klang brought by Alcoholic Anonymous
Si Fu made excellent fried mee suah with it
and topped with heaps of my favourite condiments
so now u know how we finished the whole tupperware of it?
halfway thru the meal.....we saw that the ice bucket changed color
this was the bottle :((((((((((((
oh my FREAKING GAWD!!!!!
this one was so limited that money can't buy
Alcoholic Anonymous brought it :(((((((((((((
we managed to salvage the remainder inside the bottle and Si Fu cooked another version of "mee suah" with it
then it was dessert time....healthiest of the lot
actually there was a molecular gastronomy birthday cake fr Deste for J&J James
and I forgotten bout the pic :P
it was champagne + strawberry/raspberry I think
lineup of the nite
jaw drop looking at em

esp when J&J James opened Chateau Rayas
my very first tasting experience on this Rhone wine
grown on very rock soil this one must try at least once in your life
it cost like one Chanel 2.55
the red was = Nespresso James's birthday pressie fr the gang
the Jura is his current machine

I lurve our current Nespresso :)))))))))))))))
so eppy and must have a shot everynite
wished my office has this -_-
choose your grand cru coffee tablets/pods
as the nite progressed all of us adjourned outdoor
some already hooking up on their iphone
*I oso kenot live without my iphone*
some already crashed onto the lounge chair
some still can't get enuff drinks and trying to chill more wines by the pool -_-"
GOE assume a new title now
errrrr God of errrrr....oink oink?
it was a great nite :D
afterall life is too short to drink poor quality wines
Restaurant Name: J&J beautiful home at Location X
Chef: anyone everyone who attended
Tel: Call J&J
oh another thing, J&J Joshua wrapped Daddy's beautiful theatre room with newspapersssssssss
bcoz both Sangio + Pinot lurve to pee around
smart kid


js said... glass mas Zorro!!!

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JS: Glass mask Zorro fr Adelaide

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