Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bonus Post *by JS*

Yes, i am feeling very free another bonus post :)
After blogging on big sandwich.......I went down to KLCC and test out the Canon EOS1D MK4 on night shots. Must say my mean machine attracted a lot of attention. hehe.
Took pics at high ISO(>4000).........Very low noise.....Don't you just marvel at how advance technology is nowadays!! Experts are predicting that in about 3 years time, we should be able to hit ISO exceeding 1 million and without much noise!! it's literally like seeing in pitch darkness........well guys by then please remember to draw your curtains :)

Our twin tower is pretty spectacular at night.

This last picture i took this morning from office at sunrise.


neil said...

Absolutely awesome!

licheng said...

absolutely, absolutely amazing!

js said...'s the camera lar :)