Saturday, March 20, 2010

"A B C" soup *by JS*

Thought i do something different for todays posting.........Yes, i shall attempt to document the preparation of my dinner.
In this household, when this dish is prepared, you can be rest assured that someone is not feeling well......Damn, got this very bad sore throat/flu and it's an infection from a very aggressive strain of virus >:-(

Anyway i really needed comfort food and the first thought that came to mind was the "A B C" soup so here goes...........

this is the mire pioux and tomatoes....... coarsely cut
some nice wash potatoes peeled and............
roughly cut
pork ribs blanched in boiling water
long peppers, cubeb pepper corns and 2 bay leaves

The long pepper and cubeb pepper is the most important ingredient. If replaced with ordinary pepper corns, you will get............. an ordinary soup!

The long pepper has this floral bouquet and incredible earthy nose and when combined the scent is so complex that it goes beyond what one will call a floral bouquet.
Like Long Pepper, Cubeb pepper is also mainly grown in Indonesia(Bali actually) but it's origins like the common pepper corn lies in India. It is pungent and bitter with a strong terpene aroma. The aroma is sometimes described as woody, champhoraceous and spicy peppery.

Basically put everything in a big pot(except potatoes), fill with enuf water to completely cover everything and bring to a boil. Then simmer until meat is reasonably soft but not falling of the bone. At this stage add in the potatoes and continue to simmer until it turn soft and soup thickens.
By then, the meat should be just about falling off the bones. Add water if necessary at any stage.
To serve garnish with scallions.
Yes, it's a simple soup guys but remember the special pepper corns are key and unique.

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh :)


Wei's said...

One of my fav soup =D Looks good with the unique peppers.. Shall try it at home soon.. Where can I get em? Isetan KLCC?

js said... specialize gourmet shop :)
try guomandines.....dunno phone nos. can try google. its on 8th floor at bldg next to concord hotel.....very obscure location!!!

js said...

try this phone nos.....012-2905342.

Wei's said...

thanks terry! =D