Thursday, March 18, 2010

Surprise Galore episode 2 *by JS*

After the “lite” lunch, dinner time came rather quickly…….maybe it was lite afterall!! That was when the whispering started again……everyone is like whispering to each other as if I was not there…..haha.

Again I was ushered into a taxi without a destination mentioned……and I overheard something like “Keppel Island”……thought Keppel was a harbour so maybe I heard wrong.

Indeed we arrived at a very private location on Keppel island and suddenly I found myself staring at this view.

No wonder the dress code was blue and white……there’s a theme to this dinner……now I know. The theme tonite was nautical/yachts/sailing/etc.

Must say I like it and what a lovely surprise!

As we walked into the private function room, suddenly a familiar voice called from the kitchen………and offcourse, it was Chef Lino……and I should have guessed!

yes, monkey beaming from ear to ear cos I did not guess Chef Lino was cooking

Yes, Chef Lino was cooking tonite and guess it’s going to be one pasta after another J definitely looking fwd to the night ahead.

Everybody started coming in and all dressed in nautical blue theme except…………this guy

none other than GOE and he was questioned as to why non compliance and he keep insisting it’s navy blue……haha, readers to decide!! NVM GOE, how can they not let you in especially when you are carrying my birthday prezy!!

The nite started off with 3 bubblys. All from small makers and must say all damn can!!

Then it was prezy time. The pics from today’s post was taken mainly with the Canon EOS 50mm F1.2L lens. Just look at the Bokeh...... the aspherical lens coupled with circular aperture of the lens construction gives it a blur background and make the pic look so professional man!!

blather, this one not bank long service award and not Christmas leh!!

Thanks guys for the prezy……like I said earlier on, I will do justice with this prezy J

Now let the food flow freely cos everybody is damn hungry.

thats the langoustine carparcio

seared scallops and asparagus

Raw blue prawns in a tomato consomme

fresh linguine with porcini mushroom( and morels i think)

yes, fresh sea urchin

on capellini offcourse!

some Rigatoni

Wagyu beef marble 7 (i think)

and rare is best

preparing last main course for the nite

it's a fish dish on sweet base

and finish off with a strawberry dessert

Yes, there was 3 pasta so no complaints……I guess.

A special mention for the carparcio of langoustine which was the favourite of the nite. Must be the creamy texture.

The night was beginning to developed into a splendid evening with excellent wines from Morey st Denis( Domaine de Lambrays), Chambertin (NegociantLeroy), Chambertin Clos de Beze, ( domaine Armand Rousseau), Chambolle Musigny Amoureuses(domaine comte de vogue), Chateau La Mission Haut Brion, and many others and not forgetting the DP 90……this are all amazing stuff man!!

Thanks guys for your generousity J

It’s birthday song time. I allow all of you to sing cos it’s a private room…….haha.

Yes, the birthday cake was in the form of a Domaine Romanee Conti – Romanee Conti 1960 bottle and this is probably amongst the most expensive burgundy in the world!! Anyway the cake itself was delicious.

Then it was photo session. With 2 pro cameras around, you can’t hide !!

flatmate amy and GOE

the charming J & J

sifu and bagaholic tracie

iching and prince C

Em, Leanne and doc(best coordinated dressing!!)

more pics

privilege of the birthday guy

all mabuk and cheery

All stars in their own way I guess.

But really this line up are the real stars for tonite. HAHA !

More whispering…….i wonder whats next man !

Anyway to make everybody eppy for the night(over GOE’s black shirt), thought I’ll do him (GOE) a favour :)

All eppy now??

This post is dedicated to all my dear friends who made this 50th birthday unforgettable and a big hug and kiss for my dear monkey for organizing and kudos to chef Lino for another successful event.


CHER-RY said...

u painted GOE's shirt BLUE!!!!!

Were u Surprised with the party????? Esp when bagaholic shouted surprised!!!!

js said...

hmmmm.....he got new shirt now lor :)
it was a weekend full of surprises as u can see :)

Tsu Lin + + said...

You did a good job with GOE's "new" blue-er shirt. That was def black (doesn't look navy blue to me, but can blame on camera/screen colour).

This monkey is so sweet lah. Such a nice surprise!!!

js said...

yes, photoshop, lightroom, aperture, many software in the market nowadays.....i can change shirt for him everyday if you want.....haha!!
yes, it was a surprising weekend TL.....and i mean lots surprises.....for that matter it was a month full of surprises....very happy :)