Monday, November 23, 2009

Oversea Restaurant, Ipoh

The first Overseas Restaurant was incepted in Ipoh...1977
was Ipoh not KL!!!!
however on its stated that Imbi was its pioneer
*hmmm so much so for branding huh?*
on that nite, JS had this weird looking seafood soup on paper
while we had this
and this
and this...-_-
why am I eating sharkfins?
Oversea is also famous for its BBQ meat
above was caramelised sticky car siew and suckling pork
suckling pig suckling pig *jumping up n down*
claypot of pork belly with dry chilis, ginger and salted fish
burn baby burn
steamed tiger grouper
they called this "Prince Duck"
where's the crown?
fry chinese mustard with lots of prawn oil and roe
crab claw in sweet sour and spicy sauce
this one for the kiddos
dipped in deep fried + steamed "man tou"
mana tau...the adults whacked all leaving the kiddos in famine
toufu with a type of gourd
extremely good
Bagaholic Tracie and Si Fu Lawrence had ben eating non stop since they touched down
I Ching & Monkey....both red fr wines
all of us only had 4 bottles
JS and Si Fu Lawrence
J&J Jelina, Amanda, Joshua *looking fierce*, James
aaaAAAAaa then something for the kiddos arrived
and yet again the adults took everything in a WHAMpls dun strangle me~~~~~~
I Ching & Prince C
Thank you for hosting us in Ipoh..

our tummies had a super blast...

Oversea Restaurant
28 Jalan Datoh Ipoh,
Tel: +605 253 1970

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