Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sage, The Gardens Residence

Some said Sage is my Canteen
no no no...u can't compare it to a canteen
it's more than my canteen :))))))
always enjoy the food there...the quality..
the taste and palate were so "ours"
fresh ingredients were sourced by Chef and flown in to KL
service alwiz the best...
sea urchin with artichoke puree and consomme jelly
I'm a huge fan of sea urchin
*pls mind the cholesterol level*
oh did I tell you about the bread here? superb all the time
but it's such a shame if we pile on it before the meal comes
stuffed zucchini flower with seared scallop and vierge sauce
the flower was so sweet...
u'll never be able to buy this at the supermarket..
the only place I saw zucchini flowers was at Culina Gourmet Shop in Singapore
pan fried mulloway with aubergine and pan jus
the skin was so crispy
Slow cooked venison with chestnut puree and truffles
I skipped this...coz the truffles almost made me pengsan
me no likey truffles
but the whole table gave a standing ovation to the venison
grilled wagyu with mushrooms and my favourite yuzukoshou
Prince C: "Yes darling wat do u want?"

we bumped into each other earlier at Space Furniture
and took notes of the kitchen design
Prince C and I Ching are also in the midst of building their home
*well we need to wait 3 years to see tat*

Did I tell u we gonna be a weekend neighbours as well?
:P yea weekend only when they are in KL for shopping + makan + golf
JS listened intensely as I Ching explained
I Ching: "The bedroom is about 3000 sq feet"

do u need such a HUGE bedroom???????????
that's like the whole floor space of my new home :P
Monkey and her "I dunno wat to do with my hair"
mango and passion fruit sorbet
feullantine of mascaporne ice cream with kahlua
special request of kyoho grapes granitas
macarones anyone?
Franck Muller Crazy Hour Color Dreams and the other with moon phase in white gold
it looked huge on my wrist and just perfect for I Ching
*think I lost weight?? errrr dun think so*

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