Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Introducing.....Ms. Alpine

This is Miss Alpine...

Ms. Alpine...please meet all my readers :)))))
I got my hands on the 325i 2 weeks ago
sexay and yet fierce isnt' she?
and yes Ms Alpine already took us to Malacca and also Ipoh last weekend
her 18 inch star spoke M alloy wheel with runflat tyres + M suspension
*oh yummyyyyyy*
since it's so new...can't really thrash the engine yet...

and all the yummy vital stats of Ms. Alpine
6 cylinders
engine with a max torque of 250
engine capacity = 2497
0 to 100km in 7.7 seconds
max output of 218 bhp *smiles*
and bcoz it is a SPORTS series
it came with all the kit of a M series
*hiak hiak hiak hiak hiak hiak*

the M leather steering wheel
the M sports rim *18 inches*
the M aerodynamics body kit
the M I-drive software platform + BMW Navigation system professional

I. AM. So. M-ed. NOW!!!!!!

and Mr. Beamer...
thank u for serving Miss Monkey for so many years
time to say goodbye
but u are still my first love

BMW 325i Sports
Retails RM 309,800

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