Thursday, March 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Mr. JS!!!

Happy Birthday to the most glorious man in the world!!!

This pic would best interpret him....relaxed and chilled in his territory of his kitchen. Yup kitchen is his territory, naturally...JS whipped up almost anything on request from char siew, siew yoke, to the meanest pasta in town, to the superior stocks all made from scratch, to awesome sous-vide beef to roast lamb and yes roast chicken too even though he doesn't consume poultry. Speaking of poutry, his Thomas Keller fried chicken is da bomb!!! best fried chicken in the world.
*read bout this outta body chicken here*

that includes to the best curries in town *attest by indian friends* and of coz the lamb biryani which will make a comeback in this kitchen soon. We've already got a waiting list for this dish. Reservations was never open but friends already booked themselves for this.

Not forgetting on the dessert department as well. Gosh his list of repertoire is long huh? That already made him the most glorious man hahaha and I have yet to go into other departments.
a man of determination and everything was self-taught, Mr. JS always seek newness to enhance his pool of knowledge and skills. I don't know wat else he doesn't have know-how flair, from operating all the complicated appliances at home to flying a plane.

I guess being a perfectionist there's no ending to continuous learning and enhancing yourself huh?
speaking of skills, Mr. JS being his athletic self possessed so many skills that Monkey herself is still discovering everyday. That includes simple thing like rowing our lil boat down the Versailles lake/canal. AAaaaaaaa I wanna go to Versailles again :)))) and this time lemme row you down ok Mr. JS? I've been practising a lot in my mind.....hehehehehehe. and promise I won't hit the wall :)))

*read bout it here*

Mr. JS and no eyes Monkey in Mount Aso, Kyushu
Being an amazing globe-trotter, the most glorious man alwiz seek new destination to discover its culture, cuisine, sights and people. Thank you for being such an amazing travel mate!!!

 and also for being silly with me at all times....hahahaha.

huuuuu yaaaakkk!!!!!!

hahahahaha I love both his serious and fun side. That kept me laughing like a hyena and be on my toes when it comes to work/business. We compete with each other in many ways and that kept a lot of things alive and fun. Oh well I definitely lost hands down when it comes to culinary skills, even before we have to step into the kitchen for any showdown.

of all the greatness in him, there's one thing that he hates....housekeeping and cleaning. Wuahahahaha. Don't worry Mr. JS, that's my department and we have a maid to take care of a lot of things so please feel free to mess our home and the kitchen, as long as yummy food is being continuously served outta ur kitchen.
now we are working towards our retirement plan, so that we could just bump around, doing things we like the most - travelling. I still remember your words to me 10 years sip pina colada under the tree. So that's wat we gonna be doin soon :))

Happy Birthday!!!
and I look forward to many more wonderful experiences with you my dear :)))


Chasing Food Dreams said...

Happy Birthday JS!
Wishing You Health and Good Food Always... :D

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday JS! Looking forward to both you and Cherry's travels,and thank you for inspiring me to cook and enjoy life more!

js said...

thanks Damian for your wishes.