Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bak Chor Mee aka Mee Pok

the distinctive and special Bak Chor Mee....or famously known as Mee Pok.

Once can only find these in Singapore I suppose. A teochew speciality, its name Bak Chor Mee means minced/sliced pork noodle. Then wat about Mee Pok? so confusing....anyway Mee Pok is the general term for this teochew noodle which is then divided into Bak Chor Mee and Fish Ball mee pok. So these two siblings have 2 different school of thought concentrating either on pork or fish. It's a good arrangement, so no rivalries. Hahahaha u think so?

Next under bak chor mee, there is the mee kia - thin and flat noodle and the normal noodle. And also there's dry and soup version. Wow ordering a bowl ain't easy huh?

But we lurve it for its spiciness from the chilli oil, acid from its vinegar, richness from its meat and lards and finally the al-denteness of the noodle. It required a lot of technique and skills to prepare and cook the noodle to this texture of chewniness.

The famous bak chor mee that we lurve is Tai Wah for it's the most original one....but if u have no choice nor time and needed a quick fix around ya, just head to the one at ION Food Opera or the very last option would be the mini food court upstairs of Terminal 2 in Changi Airport. In fact there's so many other options and everyone gave me their different bak chor mee around the corner. Shows that this is one and truly a Singaporean comfort food :)))

Do you have one to share with me? :))

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