Friday, May 30, 2014

Iwaso Ryokan Breakfast, Miyajima

It was early in the morning but the sun rises at 5-ish in the morning here in that why it's called Land of the Rising Sun? 

Our sleep was really good, no Ju-Onn or long-haired bugger climbing outta our bath. Tee Hee Hee. Just the beautiful soothing sound from the stream right next to our cottage. Air was really fresh here as compared to the city and JS got us up to watch the sunrise but we failed coz it was just too early...Hence we went out to get some nice morning air.

Monkey was giggling all the way
JS: "Monkey, stop chasing after the poor deer!!!!"
Monkey was still giggling tracking down all the wild deers everywhere. Yeah in Miyajima, wild deers roam for hundreds of years and this one was just a baby that I was chasing. Trust me u dun wanna chase the huge fat momma nor the pappa with the antlers.
Once we have returned, our dining tatami room smelled so so good and breakfast is already ready. :))))
pipping hot!!! with a huge claypot of rice underneath the table.

JS was grumbling that he had to sit on the floor again...yeah our feet and legs are not that takes a lot of effort to do this.

After our yogurt drink, there's some baby tomatoes with skins all peeled. :))) How nice :)))) bliss~~~~ the nite before we had our grapes peeled and now tomatoes. U see our stomach can't digest chilli skin, tomato skin etc.

Mizuna salad leaves, lettuce and Japanese sweet island. Served with a japanese vinaigrette ponzu dressing.

the BIG BREAKFAST - japanese style

Here we have some pickles, fresh vegetables, ume, saba fish and really fine baby anchovies.

a small dollop of Nato for your rice or Nori seaweed, whichever way u like it. As u wish :)))

Grilled baby flounder fish, tamago egg...both served with daikon radish in soyu. When we had our very first Japanese breakfast last time, we were in horror over the amount of food. But soon we were kinda addicted to this kind of breakfast. Yeah who would have full-fledged breakfast like this? Trust me, the palate and taste and flavours of all these dishes were tailored for BREAKFAST so it's light, appetizing, yummy, hearty.

Each time I never fail to finish my gigantic bowl of beautiful steamed rice. Lurve lurve lurve :)))

Observe the beautiful grain. It's really yummy, so fragrant and fine. Plus this wasn't their best rice yet, it's just an everyday rice.

They usually serve u the whole claypot so it's up to you to add/refill. As u wish :)))

My favourite...all time favourite was this...Sea Bream fried then simmered in japanese soyu sauce. SO DAMN GOOD!!!! plus both of us got the fish head. Delicate and sweet. In the end of this dish, JS was so clever, he scooped more rice into this bowl to be mixed with all the protein and yummy goodness.

So there u go, we whacked 2 bowls of rice each. -_-"
for breakfast. But this is definitely way way way yummier and better than Big Breakfast by the Big Golden Arches company.

Monkey was all over her food, yummy-ing around and talking to usual. Sorry I had to change back to my normal clothings bcoz to sit on the tatami mat in my yukata was quite challenging. Unless I don't mind showing wat color lacy panty I'm in...kekekekeke... To be modest and graceful and polite in a yukata requires more practice when it comes to sitting on the floor this low.

From the pic u could see the table is really low so there's really no room for u to fold ur legs underneath this in the end we just point-toes to each other, which was the No-No way in Japanese culture.

Only thing we missed in Japanese Breakfast is coffee!!!!! they usually serve tea for breakfast and we were dying for a cuppa so the room attendant made some for us. However Jap coffees are rather weak, hence Starbucks would alwiz be your best bet because the taste is standard worldwide. 

Both of us are now confirmed "Ryokan" addicts. For the yummy kaiseki dinner to the humongous breakfast....the beautiful view, wonderful onsen and excellent outstanding service. We will make this a ritual for every of our trip to Japan.

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