Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Another humongous breakfast at Takefue Ryokan

It was snowing sparingly out there hence Monkey needed an umbrella to get out and jumped into the onsen!!! actually u can't really jump in bcoz it's so shallow....plus the hot spring bath is really really hot...so u just need to undress and walk slowly into it. At first the heat will prick ur skin like needles and once you have kinda adjusted to the outside zero temperature with snow and the heat from the onsen it's BLISS~~~~~~

This ryokan has been triple bookmarked to be returned despite its far flung location. No wonder it's the best ryokan in Japan :))))))))))
After our hot bath early in the morning to wake the system up, it's time to fill the stomachssssSSsssss. And by the time we are back, breakfast was somehow already discreetly presented at the dining area with small fireplace called Irori.

I don't know how did Hiro do this everyday, quietly and with such perfection but most of all in stealth mode...u won't know he's around you. So rest assured your privacy is well maintained at your stay at Takefue.

Our breakfast also came with a wooden box with a teapot of artisanal soy sauce. The stainless steel outlet at the top of the wooden box is to let out steam.

Monkey: "What's inside???"
JS: "U'll definitely not find diamonds in there!!!"
Monkey -_-"

ohhhh wow!!!! freshly made toufu, still pipping hot....I am not a toufu person but toufu in Japan changed my whole perspective of this soft fragile health food.

Beautiful greens is a must have for breakfast in Japanaese's diet. They were all so fresh and RAW.

to be eaten with a homemade citrus dressing, almost like a ponzu. If you noticed all the cutlery used here were made from bamboo.

homemade baby pork sausage with herbs and spices. Since the morning before we had a full fledged japanese breakfast, so for this particular morning we had something more western.

But u kenot escape this!!! an entire HUGE fish semi-grilled....waiting to be grilled further.

My favourite pickles is the pink daikon and relish wrapped with cabbage. We wanted to buy it but it's not for sale...and it's homemade -_-"

really healthy toufu soup. It looked so bland but trust me, it's power packed with taste!!!!

Then it's time to grill our breakfast!!!! this....I have no problem...coz Mr. JS commanded that he's in charge and Monkey was NOT to touch anything but wait....he feared that she will screw everything especially when it comes to cooking....

I know... >.<
it's just grilling food...not like I need to sous-vide or employ some high culinary skills to it.

Even this oso kenot!!!!
anyway I happily let him fix my breakfast :P

Now u know why Monkey can't touch....coz It MUST be grilled and sauteed to this perfection. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The trick is not to put it over the fire but on the side....and have a lot of patience....yes PATIENCE!!!! and keep turning them around.

and when I was about to gobbled my long awaited really fragrant yummy breakfast....JS pulled another hand brake!!!!

JS: "NO!!! not the usual way!!!. u gotta eat it the Japanese way!!!"
Monkey -_- x 1000000
which was to put the soft fried egg with runny yolk on top of perfectly steamed fluffy hot fat grains of rice. U sure this is the japanese way??????

Add in some animal fats either the sausage or ur bacon....sprinkle some freshly chopped spring onions *I swear I didn't know where he found it on the table* then nom nom nom nom.

See told ya JS is a control freak...from the way how food should be done to its consumption. But I have no complaints coz I knew he meant me well....and it was AWESOME to enjoy breakfast this way after a hot hot hot bath inside the onsen under the snow. SUPERB.

If you would like to find out more about this Ryokan, *click here*. We stayed in Omachian typed of villa.

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