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Chichu Art Museum, Lee Ufan Museum and Benesse Art Site at Naoshima Island

Monkey the tourguide was so ecstatic with these plants. I know it's just plants but...if you know what garden this is...u'll be ecstatic like me too. :))) Named the Chichu Garden on the way to Chichu museum, it was "sample" garden that inspired Monet.

CLAUDE MONET :))))))))))
claude monet...I like the sound of it coming from my lips :))))

Lil Monkey was exposed to Monet when she was 8....then she fell for the other Claude....Claude Debussy - the famed French composer. Don't you think the founding father of Impressionist painting Claude Monet and great figure of impressionist composer Claude Debussy should be best friends????

I sooooo think they should :)) Listening to Debussy and spending time in front of Monet's artworks is in my bucket list. Though I don't get to do it *because any museums in the world won't allow u to have music* I think I'm almost there :)))) .....almost :))))

Chichu Garden re-created this scenery with water lilies and Monet's favourite plants and trees. There were roughly about 150 types of plants and 40 trees. But the lilies were nowhere to be seen coz it's still pretty cold for them to bloom.

This was a weeping willow tree, alwiz featured prominently in his artworks. At the top left of this pic, you could see the "weeping" branches softly swaying, flustered by the mild wind.

JS: "Eh Monkey, faster la....take us to the museum."
Monkey: "Eh wait la...enjoy the garden for a bit first. It's soooo cantik u know."
JS: -_-" and he stood under the tree waiting for Monkey to basked in this scene.

Monkey: "Excuse me...please move aside...u are blocking my view and sun."
JS >.<

I tell u...JS is so gonna regret coz when we view Monet's Water Lilies inside the museum, he's soooo gonna cry!!! coz I cried!!!

*pic stolen from the web - coz NO PICS ALLOWED*

Chichu Art Museum is completely underground!!! The architect Tadao Ando did not want to disturb the beautiful natural surrounding of the southern tip of Naoshima island. So everything was underground. The name Chichu Bijutsukan translates to Art Museum in the Earth.

*again pic stolen from the Web coz no photography allowed*

Architecture Tadao Ando incorporated only 4 elements/materials into his design - Glass, wood, concrete and steel. Everything was so geometry and RAW.
*taken from the web*

this pic was taken exactly at the angle of the pic when u are standing there peeking at the narrow gap, this is wat u see. :)))))) So to figure this out...this building is triangle...
*pic stolen from the web - again!!!*
Time/Timeless/No Time by Walter de Maria

A space defined only by specific measurements. A large 2.2 metres sphere was placed under the rectangle light well *so this one is the rectangle space if you refer to the main pic of the museum from the sky* Lining the entire space were 27 wooden sculptures with gold leaf.

Time/Timeless/No Time just blank ur mind off. As u walk from the bottom steps all the way up looking at ur own reflection at the sphere u feel unperturbed momentarily. I felt I was in a church worshipping and asking question to the granite sphere. This artwork perpetually changes as the Sun moves from the east to the west setting different lights condition to this space. I wished I could stay longer but many other arts enthusiasts were waiting outside this room for their turn to view this space.

I like it here that ppl don't really hurry you and the museum limits the number of people in each room/space for maximum experience. :)))

On another note, Walter de Maria died last year at the age of 77 and Time/Timeless/No Time which was installed here in 2004 would remain as one of the primary works of his.
 The Claude Monet's room

all visitors were required to wear a special shoes to get in. The design and materials of this space were created specially for him. There were 5 Water Lilies paintings in this space. Illuminated only by the natural lights from the sky.

Yes the architecture did not want any man-made lightings on site. Incredible...though we were underground we didn't feel anything like it. The floorings are not really tiles. It's much more deeper than that and looked like lil erasers being put together.

The main piece is Water-Lily Pond painted between 1915-1926

size: 200 x 300 cm so it's really a huge painting divided into 2 parts.

I wished there was bench in the middle for me to spend time here but that would ruin the aesthetic of this space and Monet's Water lily series. And there I was standing there...weeping together with the lilies and weeping willows on canvas. Nobody will understand and I can't explain.
The final artist in this museum is James Turrell and he's famous for the Roden Crater that he created in Arizona. Turrell's main forte is lights....where he present lights itself alone as art. 

An open space by James Turrell - Open Sky

There's a night program to do this viewing only on Fridays and Saturdays and only by reservation. Since we were there on Sunday, we missed it!!! JS already promised Monkey we are returning to this island again so we will come again :))))

Outside the Chichu Cafe....after all the viewing and intensive brainworks for the two of us. Yeah, we lurve to discuss wat we've saw and's time to fill the stomach.

This area is for patrons to do a simple picnic with cushions provided. Just grab one with your picnic basket and trays and heads out here to enjoy the sun. We waited for everyone to be gone to have this entire space to ourselves. :)))))))))

Monkey: "Hey there's another tier down there...wanna come?"

Of late, JS had been obsessed with this kind of photography works....capturing moments like this from my back :P

Anyway I pulled a chair and sat there to enjoy the view :)))) so I have no idea of how many "back-shots" he has done.

My dear readers.....this is wat I see :)))))
Hey I see our hotel!!! on the left!!! yeah that's the Benesse Museum and we are sleeping there :)))))

Soon we made our way to the next museum. U can rent a bicycle to get around but bcoz....hehehehe...bcoz tee hee hee...bcoz Monkey can't really cycle and it's too hilly we didn't want any accidents to happen during our vacation. Anyhow it's only a 5 minutes walk to the next museum.

So the key to staying fit while binging on FOOD and WINES all the time is through walking :))) Agree??? Anyway it's through walking that u get to see and explore more.

The next museum is Lee Ufan Museum

Lee Ufan is actually korean and one of the leading figure of contemporary arts. Currently based in Europe, most of the works here at Lee Ufan Museum spans from the 70s.

"Open Sesame!!!"
automated door at the end of the main entrance and it goes ZENG and opened up.

I like how Tadao Ando created every single space in details...he's such a perfectionist. Again there's no photography so we were so obedient and didn't snap anything inside

the narrow and geometrical space of Ando-san - excellent pics by JS

Don't u wish u could get him to design your home/office/restaurant/university?

Steel Plate and Natural stones by Lee Ufan
the flow of chi from the top of the hill all the way down to the beach

We walked to the beach and there's a black and yellow boat sitting there!!!
it's a sculpture by Hiroshi Sugimoto of "Time Exposed Norwegian Sea, Vesteralen Island" in 1990. This sculpture faced the main Benesse house with the MAIN PAINTING. I cannot believe how detailed this could be....the following day when we were inside the Benesse Museum staring at the painting which faced towards the open sea...and if u look closely there it was...the black and yellow boat!!!!


Hmmm wat is this??
88 Buddha statues by Tsuyoshi Ozawa, across the pond.

and this was a sculpture by Shinro Ohtake - Shipyard Works, stern with holes 1990

by the same artist - Shipyard bow: Cut Bow

Nope this isn't a sculpture but a jetty for affluent guests who arrived at the island via their private speed boats.

Yipeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chocolates!!!!
JS: "That's not chocolates!!!!"

Three Squares Diagonal Vertical by George Ricky
U can move them if u want and it will sway with the winds

and finally.........Pumpkin by Yayaoi Kusama!!!!
the icon of the island

JS: " Monkey u won't be able to move it!!! stop that"

Since I can't move it I'll just lean on it.

I wished I could take u home Pumpkin!!!
and because of Kusama and Louis Vuitton's collaboration u are now worth millions!!!
if only I could move it and take u home with me :)))))))))

by the beach there's a group of animals sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle
the one who married Tinquely!!!!

Remember the artist who did the BLACK FAT WOMAN in Hakone???
*Read about it here*

JS and his only friend in Naoshima

JS: "Hey u are reading Russians!!! no wonder u've been sitting here perpetually coz it's a language that nobody could understands except russians."

Monkey -_-
stop talking to that weird black man in even weirder yellow pants. Talk to the sheep's more normal.

"Cylinder bisected by plane" works of Dan Graham

"Hey there's a spa here in the hotel!!!"

Benesse House area is divided into a few buildings and different types of accommodation, which I'll blog another time :)))

JS: "Monkey it's time to get back to the Museum, the sun will set in 1.5 hours!!!"
errrrr let's walk bicycles for u..

I am more clever!!! there's a shuttle bus at "The Park" that we could take back to the Museum.

We stayed at the museum that evening :)))) The property consist of The Park, The Beach, The Museum and The Oval

and we were back in time, in our room, located within inside the Museum...and watched a very beautiful Sunset :)))))))

I love this place :)))))))) so so so much.
Tadao Ando is so clever by building everything underground, hence we get to enjoy this sunset undisturbed because the hill on the right is exactly where Chichu Museum is...imagine if there's building over there?


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