Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things that I kenot missed with MH

hahahahhaha dunnit to guess....it's a spot on
whenever Monkey travels with MH aka Malaysia Airlines...this is the only thing I consumed

"Madam Koh, have you taken a look at our menu?"
Monkey nodded ferociously coz she's perpetually hungry

"What would you like to have for your main course?"
"Nothing.....just give me the appetizers aka satays and I'm not having the rest."

She was taken aback....."ohh...ok...what would you like to drink?"
after more scribblings on her notepad....she finally asked Monkey
"Are you errrr....*pointed at JS who was doozing with Labbit on his neck, surrounded with all my fluffy hobbits*....are you travelling with Mr. Lim?"

"Yes and he's not having anything...just don't disturb nor touch him."
to JS...airlines food sucks maximum...he ain't touching anything :P

but then I like their satays...it's something that I look forward to...though there are a couple of times the standard of the sauce has dropped...and on my flight yesterday, there were not "ketupat" or rice served with the satays :(((((

The other thing I look fwd to for early morning flights is their breakfast - Nasi Lemak :)))))
It's really yummy and delicious....well balanced rice, spicy sweet sambal and crunchy fried anchovies.

Only problem is...it's so popular it may ran out fast
My last trip home from Paris - KL....they ran out of Nasi Lemak to my horror!!!!
after 3 weeks in Paris...I was dying for a nasi lemak fix and they ran out bcoz the whole jing gang in business class all ordered nasi lemak including the ang mohs!!!! ARGHHHH

All meals must end with something sweet.....
and here we are....tee hee hee....

"Madame, would u like some ice creams?"
"Of coz!!!!! what flavours are u serving on this flight???"

"errrr sorry, we only have got vanilla......."
okie lar...anything lar....gimme gimme :)))))

Other than these 3 items, there's nothing much that I want from their inflight catering.....I've been flying with them for years, the standard and quality of food hasn't been consistent...sometimes u'll get delicious food...sometimes just barely can make it....

well nobody says that food served on miles high is gonna be great right?
afterall our palate is affected by it. Monkey stop complaining....wait till u travel economy u gonna throw back the food at the galley >.<

If you love to see wat others had on their flight....u may check out this site *click*
then judge for yourself which airline has got the most interesting food


Anonymous said...

satay can ask for refill or not? ^^

CHER-RY said...

of coz!!!! as long as it's still available hahahahaha.