Monday, January 07, 2013

Khao Soi, Chiang Mai

The name Khao Soi and Chiang Mai can't get very far from each other
at the mention of either one, the next has to come along.
One is the name of handcut noodles while the later is the largest capital in Northern Thailand
despite being a Thai dish, it is heavily influenced by a similar version of Burmese dish.

I've had Khao Soi before but never the Original Chiang Mai version since it was my first trip there. The moment we touched down, the Men were chauffered to the golf course for a long day of golf...while Monkey hopped unto the famous Tuk-Tuk for breakfast :))))

To hail a tuk tuk....just stand by the street with ur arm stretch out...urm well just like how u hail a cab, but instead of "Taxi"....just say "Tuuuuukkkkkk"

Mis-en-place right under my nose - pickled chili, sugar, different types of chili flakes, pickled mustard greens, red onions.

this was a foodcourt/local market. When it's "Local" only the locals will tourists.
It also means u need to squat by tiny stools on low table to enjoy a bowl of khao soi.

My finger pointing action proved to be idiot-resistance because soon a bowl of yummy hot khao soi was laid on the tiny bar. Well u just need to share the long table with the locals.

After some readings much earlier, apparently this is a muslim chinese dish, hence only chicken or beef were used. Only the drummets of the chicken wings were used at ALL the stalls that I've saw.

The soup was laden with spices and coconut milk. Then it is entirely up to you to play little chef and add on the chili flakes, fish sauce, mis-en-place. I lurve their pickled mustard greens bcoz it's not that salty but just at the right level for u to enjoy the greens.

Khao Soi used the soft hand cut noodles and topped it with crispy fried noodles to give this dish a lot of texture. Imagine biting into the crunch of crispy noodles, crunchy pickled mustard greens and red onions, then sinking further into the soft chicken that tears off easily off its bone and of coz the yellow noodle. The broth was another revelation with mixture of kaffir, turmeric, shallots, garlic, ginger, lemongrass and shrimp paste.

My only complaint...the portion was too small!!!!
and there were like 1,001 other things to eat at this local foodcourt...and as u all know, I'm such a lazy bum. Without moving my ass from the stool, I turned my head to the next stall and started my finger pointing actions again.

ooohhhhh yummmssssss pork broth kuey teow!!!!
to the horror of the petite Thai gal next to me. She must be thinking this lil gal is so greedy for having 2 bowls of noodles at the same time. Have u ever wonder why all Thais are so slim and petite? It's bcoz of their diet, they eat lots of greens and the portions are small. *unlike the Americans...oh gawd*

check out the pork broth, it's deep in color bcoz of all the spices used. I slurped down the soft silky smooth kuey teow/rice noodle and the yummy broth effortlessly. *well who said enjoying a meal needs effort*. Again all the above to the horror of my neighbours. Soon it wasn't me who's pointing was them. Pointing at me.....hahahahahaha. As if there's an eating competition. Well I don't really mind, coz no one knows me in Chiang Mai. So I can squat whichever way I want, and slurp as loud as I want :P
*hahaha no that didn't happen*

30 BHT = RM 3 per bowl of noodles at a local foodcourt inside the most prestigious shopping mall in Chiang Mai....satisfaction guaranteed!!! and this wasn't even the best Khao Soi I had but definitely a good fix for me :))))

*pic stolen from americanexpat*

Later after a good massage, I found out that there's a free shuttle service to all the hotels around my area. It was an adventure ride for me, bcoz the shuttle service was actually a "Songtaew" a converted pickup truck with 2 rows of seats at the back with a roof of coz. If the songtaew is full, the passenger at the entrance/back will hold on to the bars and stand on the this case, the 2 angmohs were having fun giggling as the songtaew was bumping up and down through the tiny roads across the city. I don't think my mom would very approve this type of transportation for her beloved daughter. :P

Central Shopping Mall
21 Huay Keaw Road, Suthep Tumbon,
Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai.
50200 Thailand.


Anonymous said...

gr8 food...sigh didnt know there`s such dish as khao soi only tried pad thai...but gr8 weather though

CHER-RY said...

Hello Anonymous, thanks for the comment. Yea u can alwiz try another time :)))

Chasing Food Dreams said...

at last I still havent been north yet... heard so much abt Khao Soi so I will have to make a trip up there one day!

and yes, their portion is just way too small but I guess its good cos we can try other stuff!! I can finish 3-4 bowls of food in Thailand.. lol

CHER-RY said...

3-4 bowls on your own??? You are the champion la!!!