Monday, March 19, 2012

Wan Tan Noodle at SFS Kopitiam

aiks why is there a plate of Char Kuey Teow here?
isn't this posting bout wan tan mee?

well readers as u read on, u'll understand what is that plate of char kuey teow doin there

I was introduced to this place by Si Fu Lawrence, which is pretty near my home
*there's a lot of short cuts here n there*
and he was introduced to this yummy heaven by his colleague

a kopitiam tucked in the shoplots at Aman Suria
u'll be fooled thinking it's just another kopitiam serving the usual stuffs
pickled green chili padi, XO sauce and dried shrimp sauce
know that it's POWER when they have such condiments
well if u dun ask for it, u dun get...
that's the key :))))
Sui Kow aka dumplings was silky velvety smooth with yummy fillings
if not eaten with care, u may choke urself
coz it goes all the way down
and we came for this!!!!!
yummy sticky succulent char siew wan tan mee!!!!!
then u toss the noodle with its pre-mix sauce underneath it

problem with this place is....
u have to wait like damn long for it
even though if u were the only table around.
it's just their system of cooking things, or more like no system at all
but wat to do....the greediness in me is so powerful that I am willing to wait for this

so while waiting, please order a plate of char kuey teow to ease ur tummy from playing Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven.

I don't mind coming here for breakfast every weekend
just that the wait is so long......even all the customers in front of me are cursing
and yet we still waited for our plate of yummy sticky succulent char siew wan tan mee
tee hee hee :))))))

SFS Kopitiam/ 747 Kopitiam
Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
Petaling Jaya.


May Ng said...

I work near there and I often go there for lunch :)Yes, the service was slow, but the food and prices made up for it.

You should try their curry wanton mee! It's very good too. I usually squeeze a little lime juice on it, making it not only spicy but the perfect amount of tang! :D

Chasing Food Dreams said...

plenty of See Hum makes a fabulous CKT... gotta go try this soon...

CHER-RY said...

Lucky u May, this place is really yummy I dun mind the wait at all :))))

Food Dreams, the char siew wan tan Mee is to die for :)))