Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bo Innovation *2 Michelin Stars*

LV Elaine, Bagaholic Tracie & Monkey
Dining at Bo Innovation was in their to do list at Hong Kong

a few months earlier, the other food-convicts aka M People from Singapore came here for dinner
they didn't enjoyed it...
I dun really know if it was the menu then or the chef was not in town
hmmm or maybe it's the company???
these days a lot of factors contribute to a whole total dining experience
Hong Kong's famous street food "kai tan chai"
egg waffle but the surprise inside was some Iberico ham
so u'll get a mixture of sweet savoury kai tan chai

can u see it???

the degustation menu was about 70% similar to the one we had 6 months earlier
except for a few courses which was created based on seasonal ingredients
Oysters shot
served on clinical stainless steel cutleries
and which I am sure it's of surgical standard
*thanks to my house renovation and homewares, I am pretty much educated on different types/grades of stainless steel*

the oysters were freshly shucked with spring onion and lime green reduction
those white stuffs u see there are NOT SALT but "ginger snow"
so u get a really fusion oysters

underneath this tray was some sort of incense burning
the smoke comes out fr those lil vents u see there...
hmmm on this pic the smokes were not captured....hmmm
anyway the Maitre D explained that the scent/smoke are parfum du Hong Kong
u know how ppl say "Heong Kong"
Heong = good nose/ fragrant
Kong = harbour
so Heong Kong aka Hong Kong = Fragrant Harbour
Monkey paid full concentration on every creations of Bo Innovation
she better be....else there's nothing much to post here

Iberico 36 - served with morel vermicelli and gazpacho of morel juice
this course is alwiz in their menu so it's a house specialty

why 36? coz the Iberico ham was aged for 36 months
anyhow this was a "one bite" serving and it's definitely ain't enuff

Looked like ur cereals + yogurt huh?
it was Foie Gras with fruits and nuts
pretty funky...u just mix everything up just like ur cereals and yogurt and YUMSSS

the foie grais cream was at the bottom with dried and dehydrated sourish berries
and oven-baked nuts which has got a funkier was almost grainy crispy and YUMSSS

LURVE :))))))))))))))

Har Mi
if u've been reading this blog for the past years...u'll know wat dish this was

inspired by Malaysian Singaporean Prawn Noodle
*yeah I dunno why there's alwiz a grey area between Msian and Sporean more fighting over the Yu Sheng and Chili Crab OK!!!!! After all Malaya and Singapore was once a Country before right????*
homemade chewy excellent texture noodle
served with dashes of prawn oil and dried shrimp powder

they brought out the condiments for us to customise that bowl of noodle to our individual palate
the dried shrimp powder was not too fine, so u can still taste it with some "bite"

the prawns oil were cooked and infused for 48 hours
so it's really PURE PRAWN OIL
if only my clutch bag was bigger that nite, I would have smuggled them home
tee hee hee heee.............
each serving came with this fresh raw carabinero prawn minus its shell
it looked so pretty!!! and it's uncooked!!!!

some bits of the pastry wrapped its head
and its HEAD
oh my LORD!!!! gimme sumore :))))))))))
Tomato slow cooked for 45 minutes in Pat Chun *eight village* sweet black vinegar
infused with "lam kok" a type of black olive

sorry there were in fact 2 other types of TOMATOES done different ways
but the STAR has got to be this skin-less soft explode in ur mouth slow cooked tomato

just hold its stem...popped it in ya mouth
and when it burst....there was silence on the table
everyone's eyes widened in surprise at its taste and texture

WOW...this is really Extreme Chinese Cuisine
Xiao Loong Bao gone molecular

from the pic, u can see traces of sesame oil, salt and a red strand
that red strand was red ginger edible paper

how did the entire xiao loong bao got into this small sphere??
dun ask me...I am sure the process takes a hell lot of efforts and time
but it's really good...
much better than the original xiao loong bao bcoz of its TASTE and TEXTURE
silky smooth
next was a new dish
Lobster with chanterelles mushroom....cooked with star anise butter and finally SEA URCHIN
it was just 3 bites away
must be the size of my mouth
:P hehehehehehehhehe
came a weird lil green cuppa on our next course
this was a bit challenging...
coz it's PEA SHOOT with pine nuts and on its side was a crispy 5 spiced deep fried white bait

the pea shoot was too green :P
me no likey~~~~~~
coz I'm not a rabbit nor a lamb
after that shot I could hop and baaaaaaaa~~~~~
ohhh this was SUPER YUM!!!! another new dish for us to try
it's Black Truffle Chian Dan Chee

Chian Dan Chee = the usual scrambled egg with luncheon meat sandwich
this is another typical Hongkie cafe type of breakfast

Bo Innovation used crispy buttery Brioche bread as toast
his scrambled eggs was so yummy....soft fluffy and smooth
with a sliced of ham that's so funky
this one was really good...
I dun mind such breakfast :))))))))))))
Next came a Cod Fish with saffron infused miso sauce,
served with sweet sauternes jelly in cubes
and a crispy baked chinese seaweed
Bresse Chicken....the world most famous poultry from France
it has got its own registration number, slaughter house details, dates, weightage, DOB etc

anyway it was steamed baked with moist meat and crispy skin
with some grains cooked ala risotto style in chicken jus
it's not just any grains but 7 years aged acquerello rice from Italy
really good outstanding rice bcoz this grains absorb flavours so well
when Maitre D presented 2 claypots of RICE :P
they were really yummy!!!
we thought we won't be able to finish and wanted to pack it home
but in the end....we packed them home via our stomachs :)))))))))))
this dessert was called Christmas Spirit
of wild turkey, brussels sprouts, chestnut, rum and vodka cranberry
I was starring at it and asked....where's the Turkey?????
Maitre D kinda expected it and presented this to me...
oooOOOOooooooso it was the bourbon in the desserts
how creative :)))))))))))
and the other desserts follow suit
served in traditional dim sum basket
Ma Lai Kou = Malay Cake/Kuih
*this one pls....Singapore pls dun fight with Msia Ok??? I know u are Kiasu Land but we are Boleh Land*

heeeeeeeeeeeee :)))))))))))
but nobody can beat me coz I am KIASU and DAMN BOLEH
how I missed White Rabbit Sweets and those mini jelly and cookies
reminded me of my childhood where I consumed those stuffs by the kilos
Mosaic artwork of Chef Alvin Leung outside the restaurant
the open kitchen.....
not that big but pretty amazing if u could get a seating by its bar
from the lift u can see the small exquisite restaurant
it's not big at all and max of 35 pax per nite?
so please make ur reservation in advance
aaaAAAaaa since the nite was so young
we headed for supper after that

We are Kiasu coz we wanna eat everything "Hong Kong" in that one week
We are BOLEH coz our stomachs CAN!!!! Yes we CAN!!!!

Bo Innovation *2 Michelin Stars*
Shop 13, 2F, J Residence,
60 Johnston Road,
Wanchai Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2850 8371


Chasing Food Dreams said...

my goodness!!! bet that out-of-this-world meal cost a bomb...

heard about this maestro... he is really one of a kind rock star + chef!!

** you wanna buy my kidney? I need to go to BO!! :P

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: It's about HKD 800 per head...still OK lar not a bomb..

yeah prollie i need to buy ur kidney coz mine were long gone....but i need to sell something else to have the $$$ to buy yours :P