Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Purstner, Vienna

we are back!!! finally!!!!
hehehhehehehe well ahem...it hasn't been that long

so on the first day in Vienna, we must try the original Schnitzel
here a veal schnitzel is called Wiener Schnitzel
this name is strictly protected by Law
only veal meat schnitzel can use this name

so we were visiting Museum and House of Mozart and decided to grab a quick bite of Schnitzel
the best advise is to ask a local....
some walks down the road and we arrived at Purstner a gastropub styled eating place
this is typically a local place
dun think any tourist would wanna walk in hahahahahahaha
except us hahahaahhahaha
 really good simple salad
coz almost everything was pickled
from the cucumber to the spanish onion
though it's pickled there a crunch innit

a little bit of everything
tomatoes here are really extremely sweet
wished I could carry them home by the truckloads

the original authentic Wiener Schnitzel!!!!!
it's thin and crispy
but moist on the inside
traditionally it is served with a slice of lemon
lemons in Europe are really different.....it has got a sweetness tang to it

mine was a schnitzel made from pork
so it can't be called a Wiener Schnitzel but Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein
served with fluffy buttered potatoes and finely chopped parsley
it's a different variant of potatoes used here
see how thin it was
JS's plate of Schnitzel came with this really yummy potatoes salad
it's different coz it's slightly tangy so it's able to cut through the fats of the meat  
guess it has to be the good white vinegar???
i really have no idea but who cares when it's good
bread is alwiz good here coz it has this malty-ness innit
we are bread eater anyway :P
nice and cute Austrian window curtains :))))
simple and yummy lunch is alwiz good

Purstner has been running for 3 generations
with home recipe
:)))) must go!!!

Rienergasse 10,
Vienna 1010, Austria
Tel: +43 1512 6357


Chasing Food Dreams said...

welcome back!

I love Schnitzel too... pork, veal chicken... =)

Looking forward to more exciting stories of your travel & food escapades...

CHER-RY said...

heheheh very busy here...hope to be able to post more :))))

thanks for dropping by. hugs.