Friday, September 17, 2010

Mee Mee's day out

Mee Mee was so eppy eppy
coz it's her day out with the gals on a lovely Sunday?
and Teofu stayed at home to care for Baby Rei
*he was yelping that he wanted to go karaoke too!!!!*

Mee Mee & Shell Shell
We let her choose all the songs she wanted to sing for 3 hours :P
Monkey, Nee Lee, Shell Shell
Shell Shell has this glow on her face
they called it the "bride glow" wor :P

anyway both Nee Lee and Mee Mee are now busy choosing song for her wedding
they need to perform with the band during the dinner reception
dinner is another 6 months away but according to these singers, they need time to practice to be in sync with the band
we tried to cam-whore with the HUGE Nikon and it was a success
"Shell Shell u hold the camera this way with ur left hand...and I'll press the button with my right hand"

voila!!! success!!!
Shell Shell: "Weiii....u damn can lar..."
The song I alwiz wanted to sing with Nee Lee - Lucky by Jason Mraz
anyway Monkey can't sing....she croaks....~~~~~~~
so I'll make a horrible singer...
not event a backup I'll suppose I better not stay anywhere near the stage during Shell's wedding

Thank you thank you~~~~~~
Shell Shell made a montagne of me doin lazy-singing~~~~~~

so u guys pick the right song yet??????
can I be there during rehearsal to airororororororororo just like Kenshin?

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