Monday, September 27, 2010

My Friends, Readers and Berr

Pic taken by MC during her latest holiday in an exotic island
and it reminded her of Berr :))))))))))))
so adorable!!!!!!
Thank you for sharing these pics with me

another one by Kindy Chai
guess she was browsing when she saw this and reminded her of Berr

yup I did get the Vitra Eames stool in this pink color
so Berr kan??? :)))))))))
but Berr has yet to see his stool yet coz it's still wrapped nicely in its pretty box at the new place
*FYI: I have yet to move to the new place :P*

Berr has got his own fan club already.....
he has got followers on my blog :P
after so long he's no longer PINK
more of dirty pink despite me washing him

so tell me wat's your soft toy like?


MC said...

yeah~im following on berr...lolx..pls get her some new dress..

CHER-RY said...

Hi MC!!!!! Berr = Boy = he = so no dresses!!!!

he looks good let it be lar...nyek nyek nyek

MC said... a mini bow tie for him..shall look smart..hahaha

CHER-RY said...

MC: good idea hor!!!!! :)))) wat color will go well with a dirty pink elephant? :))))))))))))

licheng said...

Yes yes, those chairs did make me think of Berr.

Was springcleaning bck home in Sban last week and I found an elephant soft toy that also reminded me of Berr. unfortunately, it needed a 'big' bath! (in the laundry)

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: Post pics!!!! I wanna see!!! must b so cute!!! :))))))))

How was the flight back? ok? or bumpy?

licheng said...

later i show you pic :) it's kinda white with green ribbon.

flight was definitely bumpy. but i'm well rested in biz class. haha..LAX immigration was sooo crowded and long line at customs. picked up my car and drove bck to San Diego. it was 22hr door-to-door trip.

struggled to stay awake at work yesterday. trapped in meeting with tokyo peeps all day. huuu...hope to get some rest this wknd.