Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bowrington Road Market, Hong Kong

Bowrington Market is situated at WanChai Hong Kong Island
just take the MTR to Wanchai and exit at Timesquare
turn left at the entrance of Timesquare and walk straight ahead
u should be able to have a peek at it across the flyover
there is a cooked food centre
a complex that house a huge market
but we preferred to stroll along the street for more colors, noise and smell
seafood vendor

more fresh prawns and fishes of all sizes

aiksss outta blue we found a noodle shop

they sell fresh and dried noodles
our eyes were locked onto the most sought after "har chee min"
oooohhhhhh I want the abalone flavour!!!!

such neat merchandising for a small outlet
dried noodles were housed in clear stainless steel container for easy sorting
so sayang we couldn't read chinese coz obviously there are more choices

Monkey so eppy......just bcoz they found har chee min shop
didn't I tell u, it's easy to keep my eppy....just need GREAT food

then we saw this!!!!! WAHHHH
all the Lap Mei

eppy woman shopping again :P
for waxed meat

so much more to see....just need to walk along :)))

heheheheheheheh my favourite :)))))))

more roasted goodies
well who needs to cook when u can grab your meals here :D


weird looking green leafy vege
I asked the laydee wat it's called.....but can't remember its cantonese name :P

they even sell dried mandarin oranges skin to make dessert or Tong Sui u call it
heard some ppl even used them in soup
O_O weird

Bowrington Road Market,
Bowrington Road,
WanChai, Hong Kong

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