Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pantheon, Rome

the nite we arrived in Rome...
Monkey already went to Pantheon :P
but it was so dark and full of tourists...it almost scare the shit outta me!!!

"How come Rome is so crowded??? there's so many tourists around!!! me no likey :((((((((((("

apparent those few days were some important christianity festival in Rome,
even the Pope came out :P
the back of the Pantheon facing another - Piazza de la Minerve
and our hotel is just around the corner....:P

JS: "haiiizzz we are staying so near like next door, can alwiz come back"
and we went back, not only once but a few times......
almost as many times as we stop by the Gelato kiosk
can u see all the lil pigeons hanging out on the roof?
JS snapped this and I thought they were statues :P:P:P:P:P
so cun!!!!
Pantheon is a must visit in Rome,
must must must visit...

it was a temple in 27 BC built by Marcus Agrippa
before Emperor Hadrian built a church over it in 120
however it was not a Christian church until year 608...
long long story...if u wanna find out more pls google it.
all I could do was....
titled my head...
looked up...and muttered..
"OMG OMG OMG OMG so beautiful~~~~~~"
no men nor technology today can rebuild this again...
looked so different fr the outside eh???
never knew it could be this grand and huge inside eh?

it is the largest masonry vault ever built
the diameter is equal to its interior height
how the heck they calculated and built this with no cranes nor computer????
okie back to this pic again..
that's the dome with the opening called Oculus about 8.7m opening

at the beginning both Monkey & JS were arguing inside whether it's an open hole
or was there an almost invisible glass...
until we can hear the birds on the outside chirping beautifully
-_-" aiseh~~~~

so u must be asking wat bout rain eh?
rainwater enters through and drains way through 22 almost invisible holes in the marble floor
tomb of King Vittorio Emanuelle II
beautiful artworks and u won't believe the size of this place...
until u place notti monkey there :P
OMG I did not expect this....
this is the tomb of RAPHAEL!!!!
as in the architect and renowned painter RAPHAEL!!!!!! *1483 - 1520*
he was one of the great master during the Grand Renaissance period
alongside Michaelangelo and Leornado da Vinci.
we went on one of the Sundays and it was such peaceful moment
to hear all boys choir and organ playing~~~
u may find it weird that every church we went to...
we spent quite some time taking pic, lighting up candles or just simple sat there
and marvelled at its beauty of human civilisation
aaaAAaaaa it sure felt peaceful & harmony :))))))))))
holy water~~~~

Sexay Back Maggie
kept on asking me to get her rosary with holy water

babe, dunno why I couldn't find...
even those ppl in Vatican said no such thing...
is it a scam that they are selling online?
so the only thing I could do for u is to sprinkle holy water fr Vatican city onto your rosary
which oso I bought fr Vatican City
*will do a long long blog bout Vatican soon....yes i know..soon..soon akan datang*
this door is so heavy it requires a few men to push it open
I still can't get over the beauty of Pantheon
so dun blame us if we have to make a pitstop there every morning when we walked past

Piazza della Rotonda,
Admission is free
Mon - Sat: 8.30am to 7.30pm
Sun: 9am - 6pm
*be sure to go early to beat the crowd*
** we were there at 8am for the church service and photography**
***believe me, u won't wanna take pic with ppl crowding + pushing around u***

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