Friday, February 26, 2010

Conquering the Fear of Heights *by JS*

After the refreshing walk around Kinabalu National Park Hq, we were on our way again and this time to Poring which lies within the Kinabalu National Park and is situated along the eastern face of the big mama at an elevation of 550m AMSL and about 40km away.

Poring is situated in lowland dipterocarp rainforest, contrasting with the montane and submontane rainforest of Kinabalu National Park. Bamboo forest is also in abundance at this elevation. Also at this altitude Rafflesia plants thrive but you won’t see them near to civilization. To see one of these flowers in full bloom in nature one will probably have to walk quite far. There are enterprising village folks staying around Poring who will bring tourist to see these giant flowers in the wild for a small fee.

Poring is known for its hot springs. The hot springs are known for their therapeutic properties and the waters with their sulphuric minerals are reputed to ease aching muscles and one can understand why these baths are favoured by returning climbers of Mount Kinabalu. The presence of hot spring around Mt Kinabalu suggest that there are geological activities although it is not consider volcanic in nature.
Apart from the hotsprings, the other favourite attraction at Poring is the canopy walk where visitors can stroll amidst the canopy of the Menggaris tree - the King of the Forest. The Walkway is 160m long and 41m high which translate to about 13 storey!

This is what we came for…………it’s for some one to conquer one of her biggest fear…..HEIGHTS!!

As we entered into the Poring hot spring area, we cross a river and walk thru low land bamboo forest and finally arrive at the main springs characterized by the sulphuric smell in the air. The water is sufficiently hot to boil an egg!!
Bamboo forest
The bamboo is not as small as you think!
The main springs
The trek to the canopy walk took like forever on a uphill ascend with out ending……..however soon we reach a hut where the walk starts…….
When monkey saw this, I could see the “I give up” look.
However due to sheer face saving kiasu tidak akun kalah attitude, no choice but to go thru with it………and afterall it’s meant to conquer your fears….. so here we go!!
After about 5 steps…..
Monkey :- (shouted) don’t shake!!
JS :- huh, no one shaking leh…….you are alone of the walkway. hehe.
Anyway monkey finished the first link and jumped on a platform built around a Menggaris tree thinking it was safe haven for the moment……
except the tree was swaying a bit due to wind so better quickly jump on the next link lar…….and off she went……a much longer link…..panic man!!
scary eh?
*added & edited by Monkey: "scary? which part the BUTT or the Height??? -_-"
After some struggling, we arrive safely at the descending station……monkey eppy eppy……JS clap clap for monkey ……..well done……well done.
Buttress of a Menggaris tree
a satisfying smile from monkey
Then we headed for the Kipungit water fall….it was kind of nice to cool off after a hot afternoon and this place does give you the feeling of coolness.
now action action....earlier on sweat man :)

Kipungit Waterfall is a 30 minute walk from Poring Hot Springs. Signboards and a well-marked path through the forest will lead you to your destination. The waterfall is smaller than the Laganan Waterfall, which is a 90 minute walk from Poring Hot Springs. With its shady canopy and beautiful rocks, the area is private, peaceful and a great place to relax. Definitely worth the walk :)

With that i suppose we come to the end of our Mt Kinabalu National Park we go and look for lunch!! :)


neil said...

Nice yoga pose there! =P

CHER-RY said...

NeeLee: Monkey doin Yogi not Yoga :P