Thursday, December 06, 2007

Phone for Snob -_-

the infamous, most hyped about,
every boys' toy and must have.
Apple iPhone
I'll call it phone for snobs.

JS bising-ed that he wanted this for christmas
well maybe minus the rolling on the floor, crying, kicking, begging part.

He's smart,
all he did was educate *more like psycho/hypnotize* me about this gadget over and over,
telling me about the wonders of it,
make sure all I heard about is iPhone instead of ice creams.

So I went and bought him one for his christmas -_-
it didn't sit long under the xmas tree!!
This is wat u see when it's turned on,
U can change the the moment it's Earth.

see the panel at the bottom
"slide to unlock"
Yeah...u have to use your finger and slide it to the right in a stylish way
otherwise it won't register!!

So if u see any snobs walking on the street,
or drinking coffee and sliding in the above manner,
confirmed that they are using the snob phones then.
after sliding stylishly to unlock, this is wat u'll see,
I have to admit the graphics are very pretty!!

and it functioned like any other phone,
the usual call function, SMS, MMS, PMS watever.
Google Earth,
yes the graphics are very good.

one finger tap to enlarge/ zoom in,
two fingers tap to zoom out.
Weather forecast,
you can store a few cities in it and it will be updated daily.

London is very cold now...BRRRRRrrrr
Baby Eclipse is flying off tonite to London,
sighhh...quick quick Saturday the 8th....come to me now!!
More like London come to me this second.
if u noticed,
there's no keypad....
hence a lot of finger works involved
sliding and tapping.
important feature for men
stock market!!
Important feature for me would be like the above,
if u don't like the vertical view...
just toggle your phone and the view will auto toggle itself.
another important feature for me....

it has so many other functions,
ipod, 2mb camera...u can even install Windows Vista in it to work.
it's don't worry about it.

iPhone...every boyfriend's dream,
every galfriend's nightmare!!

This one was bought in Spore SGD 1,500
depending on upgrades u wanted,
price starts from SGD 890 for a snob phone without charger.

as Veeny said it...
it can do anything except make coffee.
my Nokia 6300 and his iPhone 1.1.1 release
*dun ask me wat is tat*

Read about my first encounter with iPhone *here*

Merry Christmas Baby!!!

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