Friday, December 07, 2007

Another New Gadget at home

One fine evening,
I came home to see this!!!!
Wat is that?????

Ice kacang maker?
sewing machine?
Until i saw this on the counter..
my favourite pasta!!!!!

JS decorated it with Italian Parsley,
to give it some colour and taste.
How creative!!
the machine runs with a small motor,
with lotsa "gigi"

JS said this is the "The Pasta Maker"
like what a Louis Vuitton is to a Bag.
or maybe it's Gucci since it's made in Italy.,
or Valentino or Armani...
oh watever my mind is in London shopping already.
yummy fresh pasta
really super yum,
I had homemade pasta like 2x already for the past 4 days...
that was also bcoz the other 2 days we ate out.
oh yea...
pasta made were as good as the above.


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