Monday, December 24, 2007

London Eye

London Eye was one of the first few places I wanna go to in London,
somehow too many places in my itinerary...that it had to wait.
and so it waited for me for a few dayzzzzz.

During my stay in London,
weather was perfect!!!
No rain, cept the temperature was pretty low...
it can get to as low as -4
JS simply lurve every bit of it.
*shaking my bones*
London Eye itself is a huge structure by the Thames River,
supported by only this!!
We were early and got into the 2nd coach...
It opens from 10am onwards.
Morning dew still trickling down,
shows how early we were!!!

The coaches do not stop for visitors,
u just need to hop on as it goes....
Up up and away~~~
so much to see from here
Charring Cross train station and London Telco tower on the background

Oh my the air quality is really poor here,
Can u see the black layer of air looming over londoners????
Turn to the other side and Big Ben is there!!!
it's such a slow climb u won't feel anything at all!!

until our neighbor is parallel with us
and neighbour on the other side as well

and before I can finish the above sentence,
I can hear something rattling
my bonessssssss...

My legs turned jelly and I forgot to enjoy the view.
Decided to sit down to maintain my macho in this pic!!!

I can't stand heights!!
Wat's more ....hanging above 135m (450ft) up there!!!
Where's my LIFE JACKET?!?!?!?
Parachute or something!!!
watever?!?!?! JUST give me something to cling on to!!!!
Not long after that,
it's our turn to descend.
and I got back my solid legs....
I can go up again!!!
just don't look down...
look over the horizon.


Next one to go would be Singapore Eye,
When is it gonna be ready???

Before that....I have never ever got any closer to Eye of Malaysia yet.
dum dee dom....
*whistle whistle*

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