Monday, July 06, 2015

When u can't choose....

Hehehe so simple and pretty :))))
plus it's really really  comfy. I've had pairs in orange, black, gold but not powder perhaps it's time. But then there's other colors waving at me buy me buy me!!!

Hello there pretty lilac ferragamo...u r so comfy and oh so beautiful too....
tough decision >.<

So when u can't choose, just have both!!! hahahaha. And so I've been trotting them in  my house with lilac on the left and powder blue on the right...right in front of JS just to make a point that both are so pretty and it's a must have!! and also that Monkey made the right choice by buying both.

JS squinted his eyes
tee hee hee...sales is happening everywhere, so why don't u go and check out some shoes for yourself?

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