Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Object of Desire 0020: Faure le Page Calibre 21

My limited edition Cabas Daily Battle in Vert with yellow trimmings. She's so study and pretty at the same time!!!

Monkey & JS lived down the road from Rue Cambon in Paris, so passing down this road was mandatory no matter what bcoz we HAD to use this street to get home. Each walk, each stroll, there's so much to see along the windows.

See wat I mean? The mother store of Chanel with Madame Coco Chanel's apartment upstairs. But this trip, Chanel did not excite me....items that we wanted were sold out. That one month in Paris, we couldn't and didn't manage to spend with Chanel. all those money were chaneled to...

oh well not far away...just next door
Faure le Page

You'll be surprised to know that Faure le Page started out as a firearms and gun-maker since 1717 for multiple revolutions. From King Louis to Bonaparte, Faure le Page is very highly regarded among the great writers of its time. One of them is Alexandre Dumas - remember the author of The Count of Monte Cristo?
*cropped pic of me working.....yes working....*

and bcoz I've hardly blog bout my purchases....I was thinking this would be a nice posting bcoz I am waiting for my next ownership of Faure le Page. This one was another special unique color combo of blue and yellow from the Petit Parade collection. I lurve it so much....elegant and yet fun at the same time. Works as a clutch or sling :)))) how versatile.

and bcoz Monkey was having so much fun shopping, JS decided he didn't wanna miss out and picked his working bag as well. It's seriously so so so so exquisite. The fact that the leather is hardy plus it's a semi canvas bag makes it much of of an everyday work bag.

JS was so eppy and as usual we ended up buying bags for each other to the delight of the shop assistant.

"Oh bonjour madame et monsieur!!!"
yes it's us again so what's new for the day? the danger of staying so near, we could just simply walk in everytime or just to have a cup of coffee and chitters chatters with the staffs there. 

next my eyes are fixed on these....:))))))))))
Faure le Page Calibre 21 which is available in the standard colors of blue, green, black, burgundy and light blue. It's so ME and so cute it's hard to say NO!!!

My first world problem now.....there's only ONE boutique in the whole wide world with 2 more pop up stores in Paris and Japan. So time to make visit(s) soon :))))

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