Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Les Amis, Singapore

The gang's favourite joint for lunch these days. So we decided to bunk in there on a hot humid Saturday afternoon for the usual 4 hours lunch. The lunch menu here is quite interesting with a huge selection from entree to main and desserts, but the main list has got to be its wine list :))))

J&J Jelina is one proud momma for her daughter recently achieved the outstanding leadership awards. I wondered what did daddy open for this happy celebration :))) I've watched friends' kids grow from lil one to beautiful young lady. Oh gawd...that reminds me I'm getting really old here. Has it been ten years? yeah looking back, 10 years is quite a steep grow for children from 5 to 15....but I still think me look the same from 25 to 35 hehehehehehe. Agree?

Crusty bread baked straight from its kitchen and yummylicious butter.....we've been reminding ourselves not to over indulge not to nibble one more piece...but it's too good to resist....damn!! put it far far away from us~~~~

this was how someone hid his bread......away from his sights but yet there's still a stash of it there means u will still consume it later!!!

special order for the toddler, Homemade sausage capellini in sweet tomato sauce. JS was eyeing this bowl of pasta...

"Hey it's for the kiddo!!! u will have yours soon."
JS :-(((((

steamed seasonal white asparagus with a special hollandaise sauce. Squeeze some japanese lime and dress the dish with japanese herbaceous flowers. It somehow elevate the dish for our palate are so attuned to asian ingredients.

we are lucky chaps to be enjoying the white asparagus with a bottle from Guigal :))) That just brought back memories of our visit to the Rhone Valley last autumn. 

I think this was a kiddo salad too. 

Amuse bouche with such generous toppings of caviar and silver leaf?? We usually have gold leaves but silver is new....or was it lightings that caused the gold leaf to turned silver? hahahaha me.don't.know.

mixed selections of grilled earthy mushrooms, with its mouse and gratin at the bottom. Some shaved cheese and spices on the side. Lookin from the menu, I know we are almost turning to be vegan hahahaha. As u get older and pass the age of 35, u need to take care of that one and only engine of yours...which will have to function in proper order for the rest of your life. 

very interesting white from the cold mountain of Jura. The only time I've been to the Jura mountain was to visit the watch factory of my previous company. Then I had the most beautiful white and red wines...which never make it out of Switzerland because the production is so little. This bottle is from the region in France bordering Switzerland. 

Les Amis has got such beautiful tableware. It was also Les Amis that introduced us to Laguoile knives 9 years ago....now JS has got a collection enuff to open a shop.

Thing about men vs women.
Women buy stuffs to USE

Men buy stuffs to KEEP/display/admire

Special for the day, roast French chicken with new potatoes. The team at Les Amis insisted that we must try this, which wasn't in the menu.

It's quite a lean chicken u know, look at its sexay legs!!!! hmmmm reminded me of myself on the pole. BAHAHAHAHAHA

Nope, I did not get inspired from Les Amis's roast french chicken. There's really such pole trick and it's called the Handstand Butterfly. Very happy that I've achieved something small in my pole fitness for I couldn't execute the body invert, turn it around to crucifix before landing with a handstand like this. It took me 3 months, whereby my classmates learnt it in 3 minutes!!!! The fear for heights and being inverted is too difficult for me to conquer and last Sunday I fell down terribly again from the top.

both instructor and JS told me to use a crashing mat at the bottom but my philosophy was....if I knew there's always a crashing mat at the bottom I will never learn, for there's something to catch me at the end. So the best way to train this Monkey is not to have anything, once she has tasted the pain of crashing down all the time, she will do all it takes to hold on, even if it means bruises all over her chicken legs. Hahahaha yes chicken legs and thighs.

It's been roasted this way, standing inverted on a special cast iron roaster. The fats at the bottom were used to roast the new potatoes. Surprisingly the fragrant of the roast chicken was quite mild as opposed to Poulet de Bresse. It was on the dry side for us. Maybe the chicken was too lean...hehehehe.

For those who doesn't consume chicken....oh well in this case, the one and only Mr. JS....he ordered his favourite japanese shrimp pasta. He's one eppy boy when there's certain form of carbs esp pasta....he grew up eating bread and pasta so those are his comfort food. *apart from wines*
mix and toss it to enjoy!!! The texture of the capellini is seriously good here. :)))

Gimme gimme gimme my chicken!!!!
It was carved and presented really nice. Just that we didn't snap a pic of it bcoz the photographer was too bz and he was nowhere to be seen. 

our dearie photographer was bz visiting Les Amis's wine cellar...or should I call it the treasure trove?? all the amazing rare and outstanding wines.....in big formats!!!

We do have our own gems to drink as well :))) hehehehehe I know, I'm such a lucky and privileged monkey!!!

D is for desserts!!!!!

instead of sweets, I went for the cheeses. Les Amis source really awesome cheeses and if you would like to purchase all these artisanal fromage, it's really possible.

petit four for coffee...and it was at the moment I quickly surrender my credit card and to further dramatize it, I told the Maitre'D that it's my birthday and I AM BUYING lunch for my beloved friends!!!!! but lil did I know, Les Amis was even more drama.

I got a birthday cake
moral of the story is, kids....never ever tell white lies ok?

Not only my card got rejected here bcoz apparently they only accept Singaporean credit cards. Oh yeah right....they gave me a cake....since we were so full, we packed it back for dinner and it was amazingly yummy!!! Thank you to chef de patisserie. 

and Mr. JS went missing again, snoopping around in the kitchen. Chef de patisserie Cheryl Koh was bz but kind enuff to pose for a pic.

Thank you my dear Singapore Minum Gang for lunch and dinner and everything else. Always awesome to spend the weekend with u guys.

Les Amis is now open on Sunday. Do check out their website for more info.

Les Amis
1 Scotts Road,
#01-16 Shaw Centre,
Singapore 228208.
Tel: +65 6733 2225


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