Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Climb every mountain, Mt Kinabalu

Kindy Chai came back from the States for her Xmas break here in Malaysia. Since Monkey won't be around in KL, she was so sweet to hitch the plane and flew over to the Land beneath the Wind....or was it below the wind?

It was such a good arrangement since Kindy Chai has never been to Sabah. It would be an introductory trip for her. And for every newbie, visiting the sacred holly Mount Kinabalu is a must. So on a beautiful morning, before sunrise....we were on our way to Tuaran first, to fill the hungry stomachs of the famous Tuaran Noodle.

and we slowly climbed our way up to the mountain...ok technically the car did all of the climbing up to the first 1000 ft above sea level.

another pit stop along the way for souvenirs. but both of us are more of the postcard kinda people. No souvenirs please. :)) but I have no idea wat were we so fascinated with then.

must be from over-excitement that we gonna do a small token climb up Mount Kinabalu that very morning. I couldn't remember how many token climbs I've done, perhaps it's about time to consider climbing it to the top seriously. Problem is, HEIGHTS!!!!

Kindy Chai my dear friend since we were 5 years old, was so happy that we are finally here to do this small lil token climb. In terms of fitness level, she's definitely way better, stronger and tougher. Kindy Chai hiked almost every possible hills and mountains in the States...including the Sierra Nevada Mountain range??? I think so, I can't remember...she hikes every week. Shame on me.

So before we start the climb, every visitors/climbers/kindergarten hikers must register at the main entrance. This is for safety issues, every "ins" must have "outs" and for human head counts.

Monkey: "Are we really doing this today? We are not prepared!!"
Kindy Chai: "Ishhhh it's just a token climb!!"

Kindy Chai looking so eppy while Monkey
I like our outfit!!! though we didn't coordinate but I guess great minds think alike.

in the background is porter who a huge bag at the back, all wrapped up against moisture and rain. He must be fetching food up the mountain. Look at his stumpy like tree bark calves!!!! those must be as strong as elephants!!!

Lemme try!!!!
OMG!!!!! it's so heavy!!!!! I couldn't even get up. Later we found out it's about 40kg consisting of rice, oil, basic necessity goods. These porters climb the mountain daily to fetch things up at the halfway hut and Laban Rata. Gosh and these porters are doing this just to make a living!!!

okie now, enuff of the drama and let's move onto ACTIONS!!!
See, another porter carrying more food stuffs up the mountain on the background. He looked like he's goin to play futsal :P

Good luck to us!!!
as serious as I tried to be, this was wat I've been doin :P oh well Monkey needs to be one with nature and the trees....urkkk arkkkkk

The high altitude made breathing more difficult. Wat was a 2.5km hike felt like 25km jog. Kindy Chai was holding on strong and motivated me to go futher. The trail was about 7-8km hike up. Yeah I know in terms of distance it isn't far, but it's the height, the steepness and difficulty. Ask anyone who have climbed it!!! u'll need to train for this.

the last 2km to the summit...usually takes 2-4 hours depending on fitness level. Wow that's like goin only 0.5km per hour!!! how slow is tat!!!
after the first 2 km, we told's enuff for a token climb!!! hahahahaha. Look at our resting point and there's so far away more to go to the summit!!!!

anyway great job to the 2 lil kindy gals who used to be in lolly dresses, drawing with crayons using their fat cute fingers. I am so glad we are friends for this long. Our friendship is as majestic and as strong as the mountain :)))) hehehehe

Thank you to Mr. JS for all the beautiful pics and for driving us up and down the mountain and to do this token climb with us :)

so if u are not an avid hiker/climber, u may also try to do this token climb to see the beautiful flora and fauna along the way. Oh there's a small waterfall as well :))))

My dear Kindy Chai, till the next trip and if I do visit you in the States, pls take me to the potato chip mountain ok? Promise? :)))) 

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