Friday, February 27, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

Monkey, Mommy Connie, Ass Kickin Vonne, Su San and Chan Lu

Notti Monkey with her University mates who still stayed put with her despite all her urrkkkksss and arkkkssss. And so CNY is the only time when everyone is back from Germany, Hong Kong and wherever around the globe for a major reunion.

It's been 17 years since we've known each other!!! gosh has it been that long??? It felt like not too long ago, when we were attending Pre-University orientation but it was much better than I first thought. There were no bullying from the senior year students nor any major drama...*much to my disappointment*

I had been practising so hard to snarl and scratch and bite back should there be any seniors who try to make me wake up at 4am and run around the campus. But there wasn't any. Instead we were being well-fed and guided and shown around the campus. The seniors were so well behaved, friendly and knowledgeable. After all they were like maths and science geniuses from their respective high schools. I thought I was the Monkey genius until I met all these ppl and the competition was really tough.

it was so unexpected and abnormal to have nice seniors. Prollie being in a private university was different? Plus all my classmates were such nice people, my roomies were amazing lot and coursemates were all extremely dynamic and everyone did their homework and assignments on time...oh well except me.

Plus everyone seems to be really good at sports too. Hmmmm I was only scratching the surface of the basketball court running around like a monkey trying to score some balls or hitting out at the tennis court, think more like getting hit by the high velocity yellow balls. Ouch!!! my wonder they are so flat now.

Pamela, Cindy and Monkey

Chinese New Year is also the time to gather with practically anyone that you can get hold of. I was so happy that these two United States citizens are back in Malaysia and it was a really really really rare catchup.

We've known each other since primary school...then attended the same music school....and moving on towards the high school before Cindy departed to the States and finally it was Pam's turn. These two distinction students also made me stay put on my toes esp when it comes to music lesson. Oh well wat do u expect, notti monkey was lazy.....she yawned so much in class, and alwiz copied Pam's homework. Tee heee hee thank you. But I am so glad to have met both of you. Until today I do still enjoy my lil piano at home. :))))))

Monkey's mommy made char siew and roast pork for the family. Her knives skills were so so amazing, cut to such precision even the butcher would be ashamed.

CNY is also a time to indulge and eat like there's no tomorrow which is so so wrong~~~~~ coz in the olden days, people were so poor, they worked throughout the year and only get to wear new clothes and enjoy good food during Chinese New Year.

and bcoz life has changed...we all eat like this almost every other day, have new clothes any time, blessed with friends and good life. So we should alwiz be thankful and take care of our health. Note to self: stop indulging in those CNY food!!!!! gosh I'm gonna look like a fat whale soon. My tummy is protruding.

my happiest time would be....WUAHAHAHAHAHA yes I m still very much eligible to receive Ang-Pows....pls feel free to :)))

I hope you had a blessed and fun celebration too. The year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram will be a smashing one, I knew it already :)))) coz I've promised myself to work harder, love even harder, *be less lazier*, take care of my health so that I can enjoy my life even more and share all these with loved ones around me. :)))

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

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