Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tea Ceremony at Conrad Pavilion

EC & Sofia *Bernard's lovely sis*
they extended their stay in Bali

in fact, quite a number of guests extended their stay after the wedding
or last minute extension
coz it's such a beautiful place to be

Monkey had to come back early to cari makan

the tea ceremony was held at a standalone Pavilion
in the middle of the garden
*think JS didn't shoot pic of the whole pavilion*
surrounded by water feature and flowers

Gavin: "Pa....."
Mr. Chong nodded with approval
Wonder Annie was smiling fr ear to ear
lurve her rose pink silk dress
think she's one of the hardest working person for this wedding
making sure everything is in order
Gaby wore a vintage ivory mermaid dress
with intricate lace details
then it was Uncle Wong Fei Hung's turn aka Bernard da Joker
Eveline should have worn a cheongsam to be the 13th Auntie to complement Wong Fei Hung

Eve & JS
JS is the elder one :P
*yes I know I have to say it*

all of us adjourned for cocktail under the stars
in between the swaying palms
with the breeze of the sea
aaaaaa lovely settings :))))))))))

Bernard da Joker, Sean, Eveline

Bernard was trying to tell me that he looked like Gavin
when he was at that age...
hmmmmm I doubt so lar...I saw your graduation pics at home :P

Uncle and Auntie with Gavin
Monkey & unofficial photog for the wedding :P
yes I was made to work as well.....carried his other lenses
flash lights etc -_-"

wei pls dun treat me like Louis Pang's wife leh....
that one different ok....THEY ARE A TEAM!!!!
and definitely an amazing team :))
dedicated all his work and awards to his lovely wife Jasmine :))
anyway thank u for working kekkekekekekekeke
*he lost so much of weight = over-golf-ed


neil said...

You wore a flower in your hair? :)

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: oh yes I did!!! very sharp eyes there :)))