Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shabu Shabu @ home

well sometimes u just get too bored over wat to eat
this is wat my Si Fu alwiz said....."eat until dunno wat to eat...sien"

and till today I still dun trust his definition of "simple"

walauweh....if u r my boss, sure die....
"nah, just keep it simple........"
but I'll ended up doing something so extraordinary coz boss's definition of simple is a milestone notch above the actual term

so when JS and Monkey really bored over dinner
and sometimes just too tired to cook
and most of all prepare and clean the food
Shabu Shabu is the best!!!!!
good quality shabu cut beef *wagyu better*....make sure have enuff fats as well, u dun want ur meat dry

freshly made toufu fr Isetan
*to make things simple, just shop at Isetan....they have everything fir Shabu Shabu*
**anyway that's where we shop for groceries all the time :P**
the stock....just get the bottled one fr Isetan :P
otherwise make a dashi stock but we dun have time for that
throw in the sweet onions first
followed by leeks and spring onions
this will further sweeten the base soup
we lurve this's called Tong Hou in chinese
or known as Garland Chrysanthemum
in Jap it's called Shigiku
with its good texture and a bitter after taste it's excellent for shabu shabu
not to forget all the dips for Shabu Shabu
on the butterfly shape dish is Yuzukushou courtesy from Chef Takashi Kimura
Thank you :))))))))

actually ppl dun eat it with Shabu Shabu but we lurve it with beef :))))))))))
on the deep dish is the goma *Sesame dip* very very yummy
and not to be missed a Malaysian favourite....spicy can die kampung chili padi in good quality soya sauce
*we get our soya sauce supply from Ipoh*
throw the food in and cook according to your liking
u can add a lot of other small lil baby sweet corns, chinese cabbage, seaweed,
but not too many things coz u dun wanna spoil the originality of Shabu Shabu...kekekekk
the leftover broth can be cooked with rice, noodles, udon watever to ur liking
we usually use japanese glass noodle :)))))))))))))))

very easy and quick huh?
and most of all it's comfort food
*stomach rumbling*

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