Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Personal Assistant is here

Last Saturday, JS woke up with a headache and rushed to 7-11 down the road to get some paracetamol
Monkey was still zzzzzzzz-zinking in the room with Berr
and in the midst of all the headache-ness he saw the iPad in the windows of his favourite Canon shop

not just any usual iPad
but the one we wanted
64GB with wi fi and 3G
*it's out of stock worlwide and we kinda waited for it like for the past months*
**now we know where all the stocks gone to.......Singapore**

soon the 3 of us dashed up
got ready and were already at the shop at Lucky Plaza
iPad iPad iPad iPad
which was my Object of Desire 004 back in April
*click here to read*

and to care and maintain the lovely iPad
we got the original iPad case made fr this special material
to prevent scratches
the rest of the Saturday was all about the iPad
and more shopping for its accessories fr camera kit to its other peripherals
Monkey: "Oh wait maybe I should get another case to take care of this iPad case"
JS -_-" sigh

Monkey dashed fr boutiques to boutiques to check on all the iPad covers in the market
Louis Vuitton monogram iPad covers are not available yet
while the GUCCI's gucci lor...boring

I need something funky to go with this funky gadget!!!
and voila!!! Marc JACOBS!!!!

off topic:
errrrr Nee Lee ar, buying an iPad case does not consider as buying a bag rite?
so I'm still holding on to my zero handbag policy this month
yea yea yea.....!!!!!
Readers pray for me for my handbag handbags this month!!!!
I almost....ter-almost got a Miu Miu limited edition BYO bag last week!!! GAH!!!!!!
TQ to JS for holding/supporting me on...while I was holding onto the bag, unwilling to let it go to the horror of the sales assistant
Monkey trying to smile fr ear to ear like this gal
but she's frowning!!!!

soooo in lurve with this carrier/case
*it's actually a macbook 13" case
coz I do LOOK like Marc Jacobs gal most of the time when I'm disappointed!!!
come on SMILE
U R MINE now!!!!!

Marc Jacobs Girl :(

well, anyway heart heart heart the iPad
it's my life now...
my organiser aka mr.moley-skin
my emails
my calendar
my calculator
my Facebook
my calories calculator
my world weather forecasts
all my excel and word and pdf sheets innit already
well these are the basic stuffs
am still busy downloading all the e-books
*yeah just downloaded Lonely Planet Paris*
and more apps to come
about 140,000 apps available and more to come

Last nite me and JS were fighting over some flight simulation game
:P yes we are childish!!!!

in case u r wondering,
JS copied me and bought the same Marc Jacobs bag!!!!
and Monkey had to compensate by adding a keyring into my bag
so we can differentiate who's who and who what

in the end JS bought Monkey a Bottega Veneta Keyring
*dun forget it's the Great Sales in Singapore!!! wooohooooo!!!!*

Dear all Msian friends,
u can apply for dual sim card to get it to work fr your service provider
iPad works on micro-sim only
so far Maxis do have micro-sim
good luck!!!!


licheng said...

love the funky case! you both look alike...hahaha

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: hehehehhe I think so coz I do frown that way :P

How's work? anymore travels to come? travel = nightmare to me

neil said...

Oh, of course the iPad casing does not qualify as a bag... unless you plan to buy a new casing for your fav toy every month..... :P

Js said...

By the way I cut the normal sim card to match the dimension of the micro sim card to the horror of maxis staff!!!
Btw u kenot pair a normal sim with a micro sim. It's either or neither!! :))

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: yeah then maybe I'll have a different fetish...fetish for ipad least much cheaper than my handbags :P

JS: u damn can wor...can modifying sim cards....kekekeke