Monday, August 04, 2014

We are Back from Hokkaido

It had been another great experience....2 months ago, when we just touched down in KLIA from Osaka....we received another pleasant surprise. We were invited to be part of Private Gourmet Club in their travel experience to Hokkaido. Without checking our dates, we replied YES.

How could you not say YES to such invitation?

So the above picture was our simple bags when we departed. Just that JS got a new huge-ass Billingham camera bag for all his gadgets and lens. When we left Sapporo...u have no idea how our bags "gave birth" to more bags. Kekekekekekekee

Hee hee hee...see!! Each trip our bags have such abilities. It was just a short 9 days trip, I don't know why did we have so much to carry home :P

So I guess u have been waiting for this picture, after every trip to Japan right?? And so now u have it.
BEHOLD my dear readers.....

Oh well it's nothing much really...But I'm so happy that the 5 beautiful melons were intact when we opened the boxes. HAHAHAHAHA....JS was so eppy his Ika Gohan *Squid stuffed with rice* were still in their perfect shapes, his dried scallops were still in whole piece *instead of pieces*. And yeah he bought a huge piece of kelp...Only ppl like JS would buy squid, kelp and other seafood produce.

Actually come to think of it, this is hell lot versus the other trips bcoz we were only there for 9 days. I was just comparing versus number of days etc. U can help me to compare too.
*Honshu 3 weeks*
*Kyushu 9 days*
*Honshu 9 days*


Mef said...

Welcome back. Very impressive loot from Hokkaido. Wow the melons.....I m sure they taste great.

CHER-RY said...

Thank you Mef :)) Hope everything is well at your side :))