Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The Ugly sandals syndromme

When the Spring campaign was rolled out a few months ago...Monkey gasped!!!!

What is that??? What is she wearing??? Nevermind the tweed jacket or short's that supersized chunky sandals!!!!

Can we even pair that up so well?? It's freaking ugly ok? can even wear it with your skirts at any length!!!!
Horror ensued Monkey's head....this is a bit too much.

Yea it was ugly at first......then it slowly dawned in me, I actually kinda like how it looked on those legs.  
Finally the last draw came when Net A Porter voted it as the number one must have. That UGLY sandals.


every brand seems to have it, with Celine making its first wave...then Isabel Marant and the rest follow suit.

Finally every fashion concious women on Earth said to themselves:

and hence Monkey got a pair of surprisingly really comfy pair of ugly sandals from Birkenstock

Chose this design for its unique X toe hook. Spring came and went...and summer is here. I think the ugly sandal could stay for a few more months. It's really comfy and fuss free....just slip into it and off you run. Yes RUN. Hahahahaha

Eyeing for a pair huh? There's shitload of sales just walk into those shops and May you be rejoice with the power of Retail Therapy like Monkey. :)))

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