Monday, July 14, 2014

Sexay Back Maggie's Birthday @ Crazy Crab, Oasis Damansara

She was being told to dress up for dinner.....with no expectation this surprise was getting better than wat we expected hahahahah coz she was being blind-folded..... Just look at her cheeky face...tee hee hee...

this gal isn't stupid, though blind-folded she somehow knew where they were headed. It's as if she has got a built-in GPS inside her head.

she kept asking Shy Chatwin: "Are we goin to Monkey's house?"
scary huh? it's close coz this place is just a stone's throw from my house. Bahahahahaha.
We weren't expecting this.....blind-folded all the way...walking through the fountain, among the Saturday Crowd and poor Shy Chatwin had to pretend that it's cool and that it's normal to have your wife being blind-folded for a date like this.

Shy Chatwin slowly seated her and she was like smiley all the time~~~~
all of us had to shut our BIG mouths and not even breathe bcoz she MAY hear us!!!!!

finally Shy Chatwin gave her the clearance to "see" and she was like REALLY??? Yeah I guess it's quite a journey being blind-folded like this, I won't be able to tolerate the car ride like this. I may puke due to motion sickness!!!!

and when she removed the black cloth....all of us screamed at the top of our lungs SURPRISE!!!! and we finally breathed.....phewwwwww~~~~~~

Sexay Back was indeed very very surprised!!!! hahahaha great job Shy Chatwin :))))))))

Then Sexay Back Maggie was wondering...where are we actually????
HAHAHAHAHA this was wayyy too fun. Let's kidnap more birthday folks in the future :))))

Sweet Devil Rachel announced that in fact she didn't even know where is she coz this place is indeed NEW to her. Yeah this restaurant is my first time as well. In fact everyone round the table never been to this place. But to satisfy the Birthday Gal we chose a nice Crab place...not a crap place.

a few weeks earlier, when Beautiful CS mentioned "Ketam Gila" all of us wondered which gila place is this...thanks to Mr. Google, we found it and oh my it's so near my home :P pfffttttttttttttttt

Sweet Devil Rachel said, while we are all still so Pretty and Hensem before dirtying ourselves with tonnes of crabs later, we might as well snap a group picca with her favourite Monopod :))))))))

I received one from Cat for my birthday and haven't really get to use it yet :P coz this Monkey hardly take selfie nor group picca. The only group picca I do are a "group of dishes/food/wines"

Come to Momma!!!!!!! succulent juicy fragrant crispy chicken wings. It's so simple but then it's really juicy and not like the usual dry chicken wings. 

Fish Head Curry for Mie Mie....just for Mie Mie coz he doesn't eat Chicken, Seafood, Crabs etc....

In the end, greedy us were fighting with him for this fragrant curry. Mie Mie said his momma and wifey Sweet Devil Rachel makes the best fish curry in the world!!!!

a chinese gal makes the best curry??? and this statement came from an Indian man. Wow that's really something and we are waiting to be invited to their home for a curry feast now :)))

a token of fried kangkung just for our concious minds that we HAD vegetables for dinner!!!! Kakakakakaka

Anchovies fried rice but I can't see the ikan bilis though!!! There's more shrimps than anchovies but it was quite good surprisingly.

JS was so in love with this fried meehoon with clams/lala. It's fully loaded with umami and though it looked so unappetizing, surprisingly the flavours were so yumsss!!!

Crazy Crab was started by the same owners who run the chinese restaurant directly opposite it - Royal Flush. Though the name stands for the highest ranking for any poker games but the food was terrible and didn't hit at the right note at all. We were wondering should we give it another round of try at Royal Flush??

Huge Crabs cooked Salt Baked style

Come come....I mean go GO to Sexay Back's her Birthday and you are hers~~~~~~

Apart from her Birthday we are also celebrating the couple's great news....She's expecting and just past the 1st trimester hence she missed her crabs so so so much~~~~~

Crabs cooked in a claypot with loads of Buttermilk and curry leaves.
There are 4 different cooking style here - Salt Baked, Buttermilk, Steamed and Kam Heong. The menu isn't big which is good so the chefs could just focus on their star dishes.

However I must say the queue is looooooOOOOoooonnnngggggg. Oh well diners come here to enjoy their crabs and it do take time to eat and ngaum them don't ya? So the waiting list is LONG. Really Long and we saw so many customers waiting for hours just for a table. So please do make reservations in advance for an early slot.

Toasted bread to go with the Buttermilk Crab!!! Yummmzzzz~~~~

at the end of the day, only those few ate most of the food..
Mie Mie and JS belong in the same basket bcoz both of them don't consume chicken and crabs. I hope they had enuff to eat that evening :P

Pregger was so eppy with her DURIAN cheesecake. Oh yea I didn't know that when u are in your 1st trimester u are not suppose to eat after her 1st trimester she's behaving like she just got outta jail. Crabs + Durians.....

Sexay Back Maggie: "errrr when is the fireworks gonna end? Do I have to blow it?"
she's been getting too much of attention that evening....from the blind-folding to the fireworks. This year had been a great one for her and more to come bcoz she's goin to the States for her holiday :))) Plus now that she's pregnant, she has got the license of not to do any housework. BAHAHAHAHAHA. Also license to eat like there's no tomorrow.

Congratulations to the both of you....Gonna be Mama and Papa soon. Let's start making a list of soon-to-be names shall we? tee hee hee.

Durian Cheese cake from Su's Cake. Amazing yummylicious cake.
Guess wat? Again for the last time of the evening, Mie Mie and JS don't eat durians.
we should have parked the both of them at the next vegetarian restaurant - Beyond Veggie runs by Secret Recipe. A vegetarian restaurant with a lot of choices from pizza to pasta to asian delights.

Mie Mie, Beautiful CS, Sexay Back Maggie, Shy Chatwin, JS, Monkey and Sweet Devil Rachel - taken with Monopod.

Happy Birthday my dear and many many congratulations to you :))))))))))

Crazy Crab
Oasis Square,
Ara Damansara,
No. 2 Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 603 7859 8802

as for the beautiful Durian Cheese cake
Su's Cake
No. 5 Lorong Kurau,
Tel: 6012 202 9309

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