Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Monkey is away......in Moo-Moo-Land

This will be my 8th Baselworld trade show....the world's largest watch and jewelry fair....I am very very sure this year I won't see fei poh...and don't intend to bump into any royalties and politicians there...sigh...

and I don't want to explain so much about the missing plane to all my colleagues from around the world. Everyone has been goin through a lot especially the family members and friends....pleaseeeeee respect them.....

It's my first day out of 2 weeks here and I am already wishing that I'm back in MalaysiaEvery year I said it will be my last it will be my last bcoz I m quitting.......and year after year I've returned. Maybe this is it!!!! this WILL be my last year :)))))

we'll see how it goes...
so might as well enjoy my 2 weeks here and say hi to all the black and white moo-moo cows.

if you would like to find out more about this humongous fair with lots of blings and amazing new creation in timepieces...log on here:

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