Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Biryani version 2

This group of "guinea pigs" were gathered a few weeks ago for another test run of Biryani. Hahahaha actually it was quite stressful for Mr. JS to cook for an Indian, 2 discerning chindian kids, their gourmet mommy, 2 wines enthusiasts with certifications, an epicurean doctor who needs no introduction here...but most of all Mr. Chef of Cilantro restaurant.

JS was sweating ">.<
oh well u asked me to gather some people for your Biryani test run, this is it. I don't think it's my fault I've invited a group of highly skilled, high palate, food critics and highly traveled people in town. Yeah including the kids who doesn't take Kraft Cheddar cheese bcoz they said it's plastic cheese -_-" instead they only enjoyed aged matured blue cheese with nuts and honey. Oh well blame it on their mommy wuahahahaha.

Dinah and Adam. I bought these cute napkins from Tokyo :)))) They didn't look too happy though hahahahaha. But they sure looked so cute and adorable :))) That's alwiz the case, where other's kids are so adorable but when u have your own...it's irritating.

so on Sunday morning, notti Monkey was so busy chopping slicing and preparing all the condiments for the Biryani. I had to chop and dice carefully bcoz Chef would be dining and knowing him...he would be inspecting all my mise-en-place. They were of odd shapes, non-uniform....and I was like giving myself a death stare on the mirror....

HOWWW?? How??? how???
JS was even more precise when it comes to slicing his onions

Onion relish with lemon peels.
JS painfully sliced everything in uniformity and I was like WAHHHH how did u do it? Why don't u just use the mandoline slicer??

JS: "It's not the same!! it' cant be too thin!!"
okie lor....I won't disturb you. Afterall no one is allowed into his wet kitchen. So I stick back to the dry kitchen preparing all the condiments.

Really yummy and my favourite curry - Chicken Dopiaza
Sweet and flavourful. If u want the recipe *click here*

Homemade roti to go with the chicken dopiaza. Somehow it wasn't as nice as the previous run. Guess Chef JS was too busy focusing on his Biryani hahahahaha

Peakie D and Lyndon brought this really yummy Crab Curry cooked by their mommy :)))) This speciality is usually prepared only on Birthdays so we were a lucky bunch and everyone was gone!!! GONE!!!!

Definition of fingers lickin good :))))
*still relishing from this dish*

and then the slow baked Lamb Biryani hits the table :))))
Everyone was WAHHHHHHHHH
the grains were really long, the smell of saffron first hits ur nose, before the rest of the spices immersed the entire house. After the loud Waaaaah and shutters clicking...there was a complete silence as everyone dug into their hot and fluffy Lamb Biryani.

Such beautiful colors.....
tomato and sweet onion salsa

mango salsa
onion relish with lemon pickle
apple and pomegranate with mint
cucumber raita
there were also papadum and lemon pickle...guess these were the only 2 items that were bought. The rest were all prepared from scratch.

When u see Dr. Epicurean ate with his hand........and continue to fill and refill his plate with heaps after heaps of food, u'll know that the food was really good :))))

and all the outstanding Champagne, White burgundy, Barolo, Brunello, and some Rhones. Now we can confirm that we are very good in pairing wines with Indian Cuisine, which is not that easy due to its strong spices.

Peakie D, Chef Takashi and Dr. Epicurean.
Desserts was watermelon granitas, which we forgot to snap pics and some buah kundang.

Kawaii desu ne??
Papa Bear left early bcoz he had to rush back to Changkat Bkt Bintang to "jam" with his pals...now that I knew he plays the double bass, I can't wait to be invited to watch him :))))

Peakie D brought this yummylicious moist butter cake. She even brought the candles and lighter....just in case...-_-" my house confirm will have lighters ok...hahahaha

AwWWW!!!!!! the best chef and golfer in the world...
Yeah Adam calls JS, Chef Terrymoto!!! as in Morimoto!!!!

Such a beautiful cake!!! this year he got the fairways, greens and a golf bag...so next year will it be a wok and some spatulas??

Hey Monkey it's not ur birthday, pls move aside!!!
JS garnered all the breathe he has got to blow those really tiny slim slender candles

Happy Birthday again!!!! hahahahaha

Now u can slice them for all of us to nom nom nom :)))))))))

from wine glasses, there was a transition to whisky glasses

then all the Yamazaki and Nikka and even a Marc Bourgogne *aged brandy from Burgundy*, courtesy of Dr. Epicurean......thank you :)))))))))
Wahhhhh!!!!!! this group of guinea pigs can really eat and drink :))))

Peakie D hand-carried these babies from Dhara Devi Chiang Mai.
The exotic flavours were Mango Sticky Rice and Red Tea....I lurve the tea so so much. Thank you for sharing :)))))))

Adam took this pic for us...
Lyndon, Dr. Epicurean, Peakie D, Half covered Chef Takashi Kimura, JS, Yuko, MW Maho and Notti Monkey.

Missing in the pic was Papa Bear
Thank you for coming, for all the Wines, the Royce chocolates, the Cake, the crab curry, the macarons, and most of all your laughters and friendship :)))

Till the next stressful cookout for Mr. JS...hahahhaha


Chasing Food Dreams said...

What a beautiful post!!

Lots of drooling food, great company and I love love the look of the cake... looks like another awesome bday for JS!

Anonymous said...

Hi JS & Monkey,

Here's wishing you , JS a Happy Birthday full of sugar and SPICE and all things nice.

Look at that lamb biryani! So gorgeous, what a way to start your birthday celebration.

I would certainly love that kind of Indian Food too =D

-May Ng-