Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Peace Park and Hypocenter, Nagasaki

We were on our way to Nagasaki!!!! Never in my mind we would venture to this beautiful and sad city...oh well not this soon. But all thanks to Chef Ota *again* coz he's from Nagasaki.

Monkey: "Saya balik you punya kampung."
Chef Ota: "Kampung saya Nagasaki."
Monkey: "Ya Betul!!!!"

Trust me, he speaks better Shanghainese and Malay than English. Hahahahaha.

There was a Naga swimming in Nagasaki Train Station.
So we hopped onto a cab to our really really beautiful hotel *which I'm gonna blog in the near future*, a really hidden gem which we discovered accidentally *yet again*. Now I m loving more and more accidental discoveries. :))))))

Our really nice and beautiful resort hotel then chauffered us back to Nagasaki Station. It's so easy to get around here. From Nagasaki Station, there's this tram line that goes around North and south and East of Nagasaki. Just purchase a daily unlimited pass and hop on/off whenever and wherever you want. :)))))

Once at Matsuyamamachi station, just cross the main road and you are at the entrance of Peace Park. Monkey saw the escalator and dashed *more like lunged* towards it as though she found gold....just look at the pic above, she left poor JS behind after she found her "gold"

While JS as usual took the most painful way up this Peace Park...
oh well he said he needs to burn some fat/calories. *rolls eyes*

JS said he's faster than my Escalator
yea coz u were running up!!!!! we're on holiday!!! there isn't a need to rush. But again both of us are really competitive couple in every way. We wanna outperform each other all the time....including which "mode of transport" is faster. So u see, JS is tryin to prove a point that taking the steps u gain more...time and u burn calories.

ARGHHH how I feel like smacking his head sometimes.

Water...the source of life......

The heat was beyond description at 7,000 *C. The max my oven could go to is 240*C

Okie it's kinda disrespectful of me to compare this heat to my oven but I needed a benchmark. The high heat caused everything from human beings, animals, plants, vegetations, structure to...not melt my dear...but disintegrated and atomized....as in turn into nothing...dust...and finally vaporised...just imagine, nothing left...not even ur bones nor ur skull.

Those survivals who were begging for water was a few kilometres from the hypocenter. But they didn't survive for long...they died soon from bad burns, radiation and thirst.

Donated in 1980 by Czechoslovakia - Joy of Life

These were sculptures donated from all over the world. The atomic bomb dropped in Nagasaki was more lethal than the one in Hiroshima, but due to the geography of this area, the damage was somewhat contained on this valley. You see Nagasaki is pretty hilly and mountainous with a narrow valley.

It was also the last atomic bomb dropped on Earth *We hope!!!!* the damage was beyond words, that the entire world vowed not to have this kinda war again. I guess there weren't much analysis was done back then on the extend of such damage. The damage runs deep into the genetics down to the next generation.

Most of the locals who came here are locals. We hardly see any foreigners in Nagasaki. It's such a sad place.

This was wat remains of a prison. Only the base of the high wall remains. Of coz everyone were killed around this area.

the Peace Statue stood at 10metres tall. Sculpted by Seibo Kitamura

so many paper origami cranes!!!

Okie I cried!!! hence that face

JS told me precisely to stand there, so he could capture my "wings"
nicely composed pics :))))

From the Peace Park you can walk down to the Hypocenter
The black tomb marks exactly where the bomb exploded up on the air.

JS pointed up to the air, exactly where it happened. And on his left is the remains of Urakami Cathedral. This cathedral was the most beautiful and largest in East Asia at that time. The original site wasn't here but the government lifted the remains of the cathedral wall and placed it here. Today they have reconstructed another Urakami Cathedral at its original site but we didn't visit.

Then we visited the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. This wall clock was stopped exactly at 11.02am. The museum depicted the entire event in a very neutral way. Oh well as neutral as possible. From the planning of this bombing to the implication. But it's so sad, it's really a sad museum.

There were so many gruesome pics which I'm not gonna post it here.
Let it just serves as a reminder to all of us.

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