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Chuzenji Lake and Kegon Falls, Nikko

Monkey took JS to this beautiful Lake bus. It was a scenic 45 minutes journey from Nikko town. Ascending the 48 turns Iroha Slope up to these mountainous range, sat the majestic Lake Chuzenji at 4,124 feet above sea level. It is the highest lake in Japan.

According to official information, Lake Chuzenji was created 20,000 years ago *which wasn't that dinosaur age* when Mount Nantai erupted and blocked the valley below it.

I was turning around looking for Mount Nantai. *turn turn turn*. It was pretty misty that evening and we couldn't orientate ourselves until we found the Sun...ahhhh that's West :))))

Later that evening, we found Mount Nantai. It is a sacred Volcano Mountain. Many many years ago in 782 *before you and me were born* a group of people lead by a priest ascended Mount Nantai for the first time. Once at the peak, they discovered Lake Chuzenji......a hidden secret gem. This place is so beautiful that all the European embassies built their vacation homes around the lake.

To come here, catch the friendly Tobu Bus heading to Chuzenjiko Onsen or Yumoto Onsen. Just check the schedule at the bus stop.

You can purchase a Tobu Nikko Pass which gives you round trip of express train from Tokyo to Nikko *150km away*, unlimited train and bus rides in Nikko and Kinugawa Onsen area. They sell a few different package, from 2 days passes to theme park passes.

Once you have alighted from the bus station at Chuzenji Onsen....just walk across the main road and the beautiful lake is right in front of your eyes.

Just in time for sunset :))))

It has been a long day for us from sight-seeing at all the UNESCO sites much earlier in the morning, went to town.......walked to the beautiful bridge, grabbed an organic home-cooked lunch by an organic producer, hopped onto the bus, 45 minutes 48 turns ascending the mountain range and finally arriving here.     

Peace and tranquility

There's a lot to see here, the beautiful Chuzenji Temple, Italian Embassy Villa, Futarasan Shrine and also Lake Cruise. If you wanna kill time and burn more calories, go rent a quack quack duck lil boat for two and start peddling round and round and round this HUGE lake. It's 25km in width by the way.

My Globe Trotter partner in crime :)))) Best travel-partner ever :)))))))))

I am pretty sure I make a good traveling partner too right??? RIGHT JS??? RIGHT????
Eh RIGHT???? Eh I brought u here wor???

But he carried my bags, ordered food for me coz I can't speak Japanese, massage my painful shoulder and feet, made sure that I'm alwiz safe, but most of all for all these beautiful pics taken at all our trips :)))))))

Monkey looking at the crimson red autumn leaves and then at the quack quack duck boats.....NO, not today...maybe another day....I can't peddle anything in my soft, stumpy huge, fluffy rabbit boots like this.

The colors on the tree looked so fake huh!!! but it's really beautiful :))) The best time to be at Lake Chuzenji is during Autumn like this.

Please dun eat me!! I ain't tasty.
There's also a natural science museum here too...and loads of shops selling food, snacks, souvenirs and local produce.

Walking distance away is the beautiful Kegon Falls. The top 3 falls in Japan with a drop of 100 metres. Serves as the only exit for water in Lake Chuzenji, the narrow outlet creates this dramatic falls.

JS immediately wanted a pic with the fall but obviously you can see that my photography/composition is really compared to his work of arts.

Monkey: "WAHHH so dramatic ur pics!!!!!"
JS gave me his usual SNOB smirk on the face.

JS then waited for the Sun to set even further to capture the rays. It's even more dramatic as the water droplets from the fall reflected the sun rays even more.

Kegon Falls also carries a very sad story. Many Japanese youths committed suicide here before because of LOVE. This started with Misao Fujimura who was so devastated with the love of his life, he penned or more like carved his farewell poem to her on the tree trunk by the waterfall before he leaped to his death.

Fujimura!!!! WHY!!!!!!

okie ignore this silly Monkey
JS -_-"
anyhow he killed himself because the love of his life rejected him in favor for another...boy....
there's so many fishes in the don't despair and never give up. It's not the end yet.

Since then, many love despaired youths been committing suicide here.

Then on happier notes, ICE CREAMS!!!!!
eerrr maybe another day...coz it's so windy and so cold brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Glad that we made the journey up here :)))
JS said we should return again and stay in one of those villa by the lake. Okie dokie!!! I am up for it anytime :))))

For more information on Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Falls, visit:
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