Thursday, November 08, 2012

Visit to Champagne version 2012

oh yesss....we are at this beautiful region again :))))
this would be our 3rd time in 3 years

surrounded by vineyards, grapes and golden liquid of life.....CHAMPAGNES
if u didn't know yet....only sparkling wines produced in the region of Champagne can be referred to as Champagne
Henry H has arranged a few visit for us....and so far we've been busy hopping from one artisan champagne maker to another....learning more and more as each day goes
*that also drinking more and more*
**sometimes as early as 9.30am hohohohohoho**

now I wished I am in this industry :P
why am I alwiz in the wrong industry?
when I was in fashion I wanted to be in corporate...when I was in corporate I wanted to be in retail....when I am finally in retail...I thought I wanted to be the distributor...
sigh...the world is never enuff and yes the grass is alwiz greener on the other side
but the leaves are no longer green here as autumn is charging in
we were lucky to have still capture a few pics with bundles of grapes left on the vineyard
most of the good quality ones were already harvested, selected, pressed, vinified and now sits inside oak barrels. 

looking forward to more visits to come
in the mean time, watch this space...hehehehehe


Chasing Food Dreams said...

gorgeous! happy Champagne-ing!! XD

CHER-RY said...

Thank u Food Dreams *hic*